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Quick Tip: Where to Start on PitchVision Academy

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Paul wanted to know something:

"What 3 courses should be the first to be purchased to start becoming a good all-round cricketer?"

It's true, there are a lot of online coaching courses, and we often get queries about where to start.

The truth is that everyone is in a different place, so it's hard to pick out an all-encompassing 3 courses that will satisfy everyone.

But, judging from both sales and feedback, I have had a go at coming up with the big three essentials that should help anyone play or coach better cricket.


First, I would believe my own hype (because it's not just my hype, it's true) and recommend How to Use Mental Training to Boost Your Game. There is no doubting that the mentally strong players are the ones who do best, and this course gives you a system of how to start becoming a player with grit.

But even if mental game is 80%, don't try playing cricket without the other 20%; which is why my 2nd universally useful course is How To Play the Perfect On, Off and Straight Drive. Everyone bats, and everyone can score from a good drive. The shot is so technical that even the best need refresher drills, so there is something for all batters from 1-11 here.

Finally, I have stayed away from the many bowling and fielding courses purely because there is no course that can cover the spinners, seamers and wicketkeepers. So instead I have picked another course that any skilled player can use, Strength and Conditioning for Cricket at all Levels. Everyone should know about how fitness can help your game, and this course supplies information and workouts specifically for cricketers.

By the way, the newsletter is also updated with free tips every week. So subscribing would be step zero.

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thanks, just missing yours.

Paul I think you would benefit from Spin Bowling Project too, as a off spinner. But I wanted to keep it general!

Yes, Spin Bowling Project is very good. It has helped me alot. Still need improvement but I'm on my way.