Rewind: The Best Indian Articles from 2012 | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Rewind: The Best Indian Articles from 2012

What would a year on PitchVision Academy be without a good old-fashioned review of the year?

And where better to focus that review than on the cricketing super-power that is India? With the world's most populous and passionate cricket fans the premier domestic T20 tournament in the IPL, 2012 is another notch on the belt of India as the cricket superpower.

How did we see it on PitchVision Academy?

1. IPL Tips

Twenty20 is a popular format at all levels, and the IPL has shown what can be done with the right practice. Here were this year's IPL tips,

2. Lessons from Player

We took plenty of examples from players and teams this year. Here are the highlights,

3. How to Become a Cricketer

One of the most common questions asked of us this year was how to fulfil your ambition to become a professional cricketer. Here is how we answered,

4. How to Bowl Faster

Finally, it seems every cricketer in India want to know how to be a searing pace bowler. It's our number 1 search topic on the site by far. We looked at the answers this year,

Whether you are from India or elswhere, there is plenty of advice you can start applying to your own game.

It's been a great year!

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