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Become a Serious Cricketer: Free Coaching Tips from Serious Cricket

Cricket is a game, but to do well you need to get serious. So who better to help you on your journey than the coaches at Serious Cricket?

To celebrate the arrival of Serious Cricket on PitchVision Academy You can get a free 10 week email-based coaching course that covers batting, fast bowling, spin bowling and wicketkeeping exclusively from the Serious Cricket coaches. Just enter your email below to get the goods.

Serious Cricket are an organisation dedicated to coaching cricket. As a result they have gathered together some of the finest coaches in the game to deliver skills, drills techniques.

The coaches are:

  • Batting: Toby Radford
  • Fast Bowling: Chris Silverwood
  • Wicketkeeping: Nic Pothas
  • Spin Bowling: Richard Hindley

The coaches have each produced online coaching videos, that are available now on PitchVision Academy providing a complete guide for budding cricketers and their coaches.

The series starts with Toby Radford, a batting coach with First Class and International experience. Click here to get a free preview of the online coaching videos from Toby.

10 Week Cricket Coaching

If you want even more free coaching from Serious Cricket you can also get the free email-based coaching guide here on PitchVision Academy.

Enter your email below for the exclusive guide that includes batting, fast bowling, spin bowling and wicketkeeping tips that are exclusive to serious cricket and will never appear anyhwhere else.

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Please give me advise for playing against natural swing bowler's


hello my name is prashu jain and am not a outstanding batsman but excellent and i want to a cricketer so i practise hard

I m a outstanding All-Rounder.Right Arm fast bowler.And also a opening batsman in my school cricket.
I want to be a indian cricket team player.But my told me.The selectors dont select you because you are muslim.
Is That true.

I am shubham i want to play cricket because cricket is my aim

hi...i m a fast bowler..but my line and lenght is not i improve them. speed of ball is slow..tell me how i can improve my balling????

I am an alrounder but my batting is is better my off side is very strong and straight also i also can play through the leg side but generally i get stuck in good length ball on my legs so how can i manage to get out of this situation.

How to ball fast