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Simple Summer: A Cricket Workout to Train In-Season

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In season training is a tricky proposition and it can get complicated what with games at funny times and rain intervention.

A lot of trainers get clever with the in season system, and that's perfectly fine if you know what you are doing. But what if you just want a simple "fire and forget" way of getting your gym work done during the summer.

Welcome to the Simple Summer Workout.

It's a 3 day training plan that you perform on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (if you play on Saturday) in a gym that has barbells and dumbbells. It last 4 weeks but you can repeat it 2-3 times to make it up to 12 weeks.

The aim is to maintain your strength and power while keeping your body fat level, and risk of injury at bay. It has also been designed to be low volume so you are not fatigued during your main match of the week.

Because it's so simple, there are compromises. Mostly, in that if you play more than once a week, your other games and training may be weakened by fatigue. For most people this difference will be small or even not noticed at all, but bear it in mind.

If you have not trained in the off season and built up a base of strength and fitness, this is not the workout for you. You can still train, but pick something simpler, like circuit training.

You can see the programme as a spreadsheet: click here.

Remember, as will all programmes, it's important to apply common sense and use your own awareness of your body to guide you. If in doubt about your own ability to perform any aspect of the plan then consult a doctor or professional trainer before beginning. Also, regardless of your personal situation, always warm up first and cool down after training.

But with that bit of common sense in mind, click here for the plan.

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