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2 Simple Drills to Improve Your Spin Bowling Flight and Guile

"He approaches the wicket and releases the ball. I'm about to find out what it's really like to face a top class bowler.

It hangs there in the air.

If someone bowled a ball like this to me in a Baldwin match, I'd probably stop it with my glove, sling it back to the bowler and tell him, 'Never mind, have another go...' In fact, I might say it anyway, once it's been retrieved from the far stands.

Perhaps age has caught up with the Indian master. Or perhaps he was never quite as good as we all thought. Perhaps none of them are.

But then something inexplicable occurs. The ball, having seemed suspended in the air from some invisible string with the words 'Hit Me' on it, suddenly dips and loops at the last second. It pitches just short of a length, spits like a cobra and climbs at a scientifically unfeasible angle. Striking the outside edge of my bat it balloons gently into the air and is caught with pathetic ease by the wicketkeeper."

Michael Simkins – Fatty Batter.

 You won't find many better descriptions of a master spinner totally deceiving a batsman than that. The great Bishan Bedi at work.

Can you do the same?

Mastery of flight or loop can take many years. However you can speed up the process with some simple practice methods that can be done alone.

What is flight?

To understand how to deceive the batsman in the flight we need to know what it is.

A ball with flight is about more than 'tossing it up', it needs to be spun with force above the eyeline of the batsman giving it that effect of hanging in the air.

The intention, like Michael Simkins found out, is to make the ball seem like doing one thing when in fact it does something different enough to deceive: The mythical combination of flight and guile.

Bob Woolmer and Tim Noakes identify several different ways of achieving this:

  • Top spin. Where the ball hangs in the air before dropping sharply.
  • Back spin. Where the ball skids through lower and fuller than expected, like Shane Warne's flipper.
  • Side spin. Where the ball drifts in the air laterally more akin to swing bowling.

You may find one type of flight easier than another, depending on both your bowling style (finger or wrist) and your own technique.

Adjusting the way you spin the ball, how much you spin it, how fast you bowl it and how high above the eye line you make it go will all make a difference to how the batsman plays the ball. This decreases his or her chances of settling in and getting used to your style.

What must remain despite these tiny changes is your accuracy. Without putting the ball in the right place often enough the batsman can just wait for the bad ball.

Practicing flight and guile

Once you can confidently bowl your stock ball accurately you can work on your loop.

There are two simple methods to doing this. Neither requires a batsman so get yourself a bag of balls, find a net and get to work.

  1. The String Method: The simplest way to flight the ball is to hang some string across the net and to try to bowl the ball over it. Combine the string with a target on the ground like a bit of cardboard or some cones to land the ball.
  2. The Stumps Method: You can still use a target such as cones, but in this case you get an additional set of stumps and place them in front of the target as a barrier. The idea is to drop the ball over the stumps and still land it in the target.

With both methods you learn how to make the ball dip.

It makes sense to record your success rate. You will find the more you practice the higher percentage of balls you will land on the target.

The trick is to really spin the ball and let physics do the rest.

Give it a rip, get practicing and let me know the results.

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Bit of F'n'G. Marvelous!

When I try to bowl flighted deliveries 90% of my bowls are full tosses. How can I improve on them.

How often do you try?

I am a medium fast bowler but I try to bowl spin bowling when I got too many runs while bowling fast and when it is not working for me.

I'm a leg spinner. but at the moment I am really struggling to get consistent and really struggling for rhythm even my grip feels wrong. A few months ago I was fine but I just seem to be going downhill at the moment, only good thing is the english season doesn't start till next month, is there anything you can suggest that could help me.

Just like Rajat, when I try to get more loft with my off-spin it ends up as a full toss. but when I release it at 1 o'clock(if the ear is the reference point and 11 is behind, 12 is straight on and 1 is the front) I get good spin and I can hit my spot,. But the earlier I release the less spin I get and if it not a full toss it end more to the leg side. What can I do to correct this or should I play with what works and not worry about getting it more above the batter eyes.

Hello Dave I am a 13-year-old leg spinner with good guile and I spin it hard. But occasionally my friends that are playing senior cricket keep coming down the pitch to zero the spin into a full toss. I don't like bowling short aswell because they can play on the backfoot with ease so what should I do to avoid that from occuring?

To Rahul:

If you're able to get good drift or dip on the ball, then that'll make coming down the pitch a risky proposition to any batsman. Should he get to the pitch of the ball, then you may go for runs, but should he miss it then he's liable to be bowled or stumped (viz Grahame Swan dismissing Michael Clarke after the latter had played spin beautifully at the Lord's Test last week). Most spin bowlers would welcome the batsman advancing at them as it increases their chances of dismissals by these means, and a batsman on the walk won't have as much control over his shots. If they're constantly at you and you want to make them think twice about advancing down the track, chuck in the occasional (and only very occasional) fast, flat delivery. Above all, remember the words of Terry Jenner when refering to the correct length to bowl: "[that which will] invite the batsman to drive". It may be dispiriting, especially for a young lad such as yourself, but that you're playing against good spin batsmen can only be good thing in the long run. Keep at it and you'll out fox them in the end. Good luck!

Hi my name is sunny i was a medium fast bowler first and i played my last whole session by bowling fast. but this session i started bowling of spin now because of my action issues of my fast bowling. ok now i do pitch the bowl in right areas(mostly in driving areas) but again i am not very good with my grip of the bowl, as i heard from other good spin bowler in my club they said i have to hold the bowl tight in my fingers by doing that i hardly get any turn and if i hold the bowl littel bit loose i do get turn but pitches a littel bit fuller and which means a nice big hit which could be a catch but more chances of big hit from a good batsman. could you please advice me now wat should i do with my grip now

I am an off-spinner and I have been taking quite a few wickets for my team this year, but it only seems to work when the batsman are trying to attack and score runs off me, which is when they make the mistakes. What I am trying to do is be able to take wickets when the batters are batting defensively and just trying to keep me out. Do you have any ideas on how i should do this? Are there any variations that I could use? Would an arm ball be what is required in this situation?

An arm ball is handy but not vital. Most spinners find this. It's much harder to get a batsman out who is playing defensively or playing the ball on it's merits. Part of the skill of a spinner is being able to unpick technique in a batter with good concentration. A little fuller, a little wider, more flight, more turn, less turn. Experimentation and time is what you need. Start with the series on how to exploit batting weaknesses. Also look at some of the simple variations and sets you can use in this article.

my name is Sarah kate lilly me and my brothers Jason and kie like it and an arm ball is handy we like spinner when we need to break a habbit we can use this Jason and kie are twins and they are for I am 13 and we all understand even 3 year old Jess

my names bob and have neverbeen taught how to bowl so with much practice i taught myself to spin the ball by just trying things out,when i bowl my action is literally a googly everytime and turns offside,but reccently i have started to turn the ball legside aswell as the occasional dusra and have no idea how i get it to turn each way :L im a bit stuck and would like to be able to know how to be able to control which way it turns

Have a look at the spin bowling section in our Academy.

Message for Bob. For your leg break, try turning your wrist so that it almost feels like you've got the side of the hand pointing at the batsman like a Karate Chop as you release the ball. Try and get it to leave your 3rd finger with emphasis and this'll get the revs on the ball and make it spin through the air.


I'm an offspin bowler, and when i bowl to right handers i push it down leg. when i try to correct this i push it far to wide. any tips or suggestion?

Jack make sure your weight is not on the back foot and watch the angle of your arm make sure over the top and not low. Don't listen anything for Moe Lester he knows nothing and most likely does not play.

Im an SLA idont get much turn or flight eiher. I used to get heaps of turn and toss it up but i just cant seem to is there any way to improve

It sounds like you have got into the 'maiden mentality' and have sacrificed attacking cricket because of fear of getting hit by aggressive batsmen. You need to go back to basics and start bowling from one step at a target with the focus on giving the ball a big rip.

Get in the nets with no batsman, aim to bowl 8-10 overs a week (over 2-3 sessions) until you get the confidence back.

Excuse me David, but why did you delete my comment?

I'm not sure that I did. What did you say AB?

I am 11 years old and have been a leg spinner for a couple of weeks now. My main problem is that some balls don't spin and sometimes I bowl 'accidental googlys'. Is there any way to stop it?

hi, i am a leg spinner for quite some time now, though i don't play cricket professionally, we have our teams and we play proper matches almost every week... the main problem that i face is that when i try to bowl a googly, it turns out to be flat through the air, faster, turns well, and has an awkward bounce..... now the bounce and turn goes well with me, but not the flight... due to the ball going flat through the air, the batsmen sometimes tend to guess the googly.... and whenever i try to add flight to the googly, the turn and bounce is lost...... can you please help me out...?

also, sometimes, to add a surprise element, i bowl a yorker or a bouncer almost as fast as a fast bowler.... but due to the keeper standing close to the stumps, he occasionally misses it resulting in either hitting him, or him missing a catch and the ball goes through for a boundry.... what can i do to control that?

Hi, I am an Off Spin Bowler bowling for a couple of months............My question is how to control my length.........While bowling sometimes I drop the ball shorter which result in giving away runs in the form of fours & sixes.............Can you help me in improving my bowling???????

Yes. Lay down a target and bowl at it until your fingers hurt and you can't take it any more. Then bowl some more.

And get your club to invest in PitchVision so you can track you accuracy and turn improve over time.

Mr David

I'm new at leg spinning and when ever I try to do leg break with flight it just doesn't work. Weirdly the only ball I can play properly is googly. Do you know why my leg break just doesn't work. I've heard you should just release the ball from a different angle is that it. I've looked everywhere and I can't find a answer.

Please Help


You've got 'Googly Syndrome'. Type in Googly Syndrome in google and you'll find information written by me about how to fix it.

Try to bowl a little slower(using less energy) than you normally do when u want to bowl a flighted delivery. This makes sure that your bowls will not be full tosses and land in the same place as your normal delivery. Give the ball a little more air than usual deliveries with little less energy. This should surely help. Pls let me know ur observations.

hi, i can get good turn and flight but when i play in an actual game I just get too nervous and bowl wides fulltosses short.everything i dont want.i need to get consistency and be able to perform on the big day.Is it just practice practice practice???

Respected sir,
it is a great pleasure to be part of this side.it is a nice tips for me.

I am a 17 yr old legspinner. My googly goes too high and usually ends up as a full toss. I need help

I've been playing state under17's cricket for tasmania and my stock delivery I can land every tIme now but I don't know which way is better for drift. Unsure whether I should try and drift it into the wind or with it.

Well done for getting to state level Brad. Are you a leggie, slow left armer or offie?

hi,i am an Off-spinner and 've been selected to represent my college. I 've also played at club level and bowled quiet well but I feel less confident regarding my arm action. I recorded a bowling footage of mine and observed that though i bowl with straight arm but it bends a little, prior to relase and straigthen at the time of release. I feel anxious as i love this game and had worked hard to improve. Though i 've been never called no ball or something but i want to get rid of ever problem that might hamper my game in long run. I would feel grateful for any advise or suggestions.

I have now I turn the ball a fair bit not as much as a normal leggie but I do turn it a fair amount. I also have gained very good accuracy but occasionally I get hit around by batsman advancing should I bowl an arm ball in these types of situations I have an arm ball which is fairly good. Is it okay to go around the wicket to the leftie as well, to a leftie over the wicket where should I am a ball spinning away becuase I use it outside off or where.

Hi I'm a 16 year old off spinner, I would just like to know how can I bowl a consistant stock ball because I have tried everything but 2 or 3 balls in my over will always disappoint me

How do they disappoint you exactly? is it lack of accuracy? The only answer is to make sure your action is nice and consistent, know where you're aiming to land the ball, and practice practice practice.

Hi. !i am a off spin bowler nd my bowling action is like herbhajan singh. . . .i bowl off and arm ball as well with good line and lenght. . . .so my question is tell me how can big break ball coz my off bal is little bit break

Hi. !i am a off spin bowler nd my bowling action is like herbhajan singh. . . .i bowl off and arm ball as well with good line and lenght. . . .so my question is tell me how can big break ball coz my off bal is little bit break

hey......cn u tell me how can an off-spinner bowl a back spin delivery, the delivery described above

run your fingers down the back of the ball instead of down the side.

hey. i think i got your problem.... iam off spinner and i oo faced this problem in early stages of cricket. i reckon you are generating too much power when you are bowling a flighted delivery. try to bolw with less hand power, dont think'if you bowl slow you will be smached by the batsmen' gradually after your line and length were good, then think about the pace of the delivery

Hi, Im an over spinning leg spinner. I am having a great season so far, i have been spinning the ball well and consistently getting them in the right line. However, when i try to give them flight, they are far too full. Please explain something I could try in attempt to fix my length.
Cheers, Hayden Smiling

Have you tried the drills above Hayden?

No. I live a good hour out of town and don't have common access to nets. I have training once a week but we stick to a routine and I don't get to work on these things.

Then you are going to find it very difficult to improve indeed. Sorry I can't give you better news.

check or correct ur action ........its not fully completing when your bowling thts the main reason behiand ur full tosses ...

Thank you.
I have been working on my action with my dad in the school break and am having much more luck with my flighted deliveries, getting dip and in drift as well!

its just dat u r pushin d ball in d rong angle so 2 correct it pull ur releasin arm bak upto ur thighs and rotate on ur toes to get d rite flight

hello mr. Dave. I am a left arm chinaman bowler (left arm unorthodox) I have incredible control over 8 variations and I really put revolutions on the ball as my wrist and fingers are basically like rubber because of constant bowling and marathon spells. I can bowl the overspinning leg break, big leg break and I can turn my wrist right around so that the back of my wrist faces to point, flicking my fingers and producing a pure backspinning delivery with leg spin like revs. I get drift from about leg stump to far outside off when bowling from left of the stumps and over the stumps it drifts from outside leg to outside off. My top spinner dips as if gravity increases and bounces wickedly. But if I have one big fault it is that my arm is past the perpendicular. however I don't know if this is affecting my bowling, if anything it increases drift and dip and bounce and I don't bowl inaccurately this way. so do you think that I can make a succes bowling with my arm past the perpendicular if I can do so accurately?

Well the whole meaning of flight is to confuse the batman's judgement of length. if they dance down the wicket to kill the spin, give them that satisfaction for a few balls, then toss up the overspinning leggie wide of off stump. And also there are many different lines to try and bowl where the batsman can't go down the wicket eg. from round the wicket on a good length INVITING THE BATSMAN TO DRIVE.

Jacques, i would look at results. If you are taking wickets and bowling accurately, I would not be too concerned with technical perfection. It sounds like you are doing quite well enough as you are. It's something to bear in mind if you lose any of those skill, but right now, carry on as you are. See you in the Test team.

=D thank you very much mr. David. Yes I also agree that I could probably benefit from this unorthodoxy. I have noticed that bowling with this exagerated high arm action actually increases my drift and dip, even bounce, and with my arm cutting down the side of my body it also increases the amount of revs I can put on the ball. It does feel quite weird doing this over the wicket though, one batsman just stared at the ball coming at his stumps and I was glad I beat him with the flight but he said he thought I was falling over my feet =D just recently I've noticed a significant increase in my bowling speed. Without trying I bowl about 10 kilometres p/h faster. Why do you think this is?

Hard to say without seeing you. One obvious thing is increased strength and/or speed of your muscles. This can happen with teenagers as they grow, or with older players if they strength train, power train or play another sport that increases arm speed.

yes, I do practice very very frequently and just a few years ago my shoulder or arm would be aching from the previous days bowling. I don't feel this anymore so it probably means that my shoulder strength and durability is increasing.
I have a question about the angle that I bowl. I don't know if you have ever seen the delivery that shane warne bowled called: "That ball to Strauss", he went round the wicket and bowled the ball slightly towards the leg side of the pitch line and through the air it straightened but didn't drift away from the left hander. When I try to mirror this my delivery drifts to far so I can't achieve the same amount of turn. How can I bowl around the wicket to a right hander and angle the ball slightly towards the leg side but straighten it via drift to maximize the amount of turn after pitching?
thanks again Smiling

I am a right hand off-spinner.Should I give more flight to the ball or put more pace and bounce with it?Also,I know how to bowl all the variations of an off spinner so should I stick to my stock delivery or frequently use the variations?

It is always a good idea to give the ball flight if you are an off spinner occasionaly to make it drift and dip and to make it turn more. But never use this as your regular delivery, your normal off break should be reasonably fast with pace, bounce, and turn. Well it depends on the pitch. If it is a hard pitch the arm ball and top spinner would work very well together with the off break. Always begin your over with only off breaks varying the amount of side, over, and backspin to see what the pitch is doing:)

Thank you. I will surely try your advice the next time.Thanks I really appreciate it Smiling

It's always a pleasure to help other spinners. Smiling Let me know if you know anyone else who would like some advice or if you have another question.

I would always be willing to help other spinners in any way that I can Smiling
Just ask any question about something you aren't sure about.

Thanks for your support.I am having some problems with my batting however.I bat at 4 and am naturally good at defense.I can attack but I feel that I need to have more attacking strokes with me.Please help me with my batting

I have a similar problem, but I have corrected it over time. A good idea is to block any delivery that you can't hit or attack, and wait until the bowler gives you a half-volley. The most rewarding strokes for me in this situation are the cover drive, off drive, and straight drive. It is essential that you can play these drives very good playing forward or going on the back foot. The cut shot is a favorite of mine, you should work on cutting the ball really hard or very fine, in case the bowlers stray down the off side. When they are bowling bouncers you should try to "guide" the ball down to third man by swerving away from the ball and holding your bat in a spot where it will hit the sweet spot and go very fine to the off side. Yorkers that don't hit the stumps and go down the off side should be milked for runs every time. You hold your bat close to your stumps almost where the ball is pitching and you bump it into the ground with the inside edge of the bat or guide it to the off side with the blade. With leg spinners I always try to play the ball with the inside edge deliberately to avoid playing the leg glance. You just put you pad in line with the ball and your bat to the right of the ball and it will run off the inside edge, usually where there aren't fielders. These are the only attacking shots I find neccesary except for the occasional slog sweep when an off spinner is bowling hitting it with the spin.

Thanks Smiling

Any time. I've always wanted to help people do better in cricket and improve because I know that there are many coaches in the world that don't help their sudents at all. I am a victim of these type of coaches, but I am trying to get into an SWD winter coaching course to improve my spin bowling. I am by far the best spin bowler in SWD districts but I haven't gotten many oppurtunities. Even though I have the best bowling figures of all the bowlers in my age group there is a lot of corruption in my country. So I am trying to help other people improve where others can't help me Smiling

If anyone wants help or wants to ask a question, my email address is: phillipjz@telkomsa.net

The googly is the same way I release my leg spin. I can only do off spin not the googly, any help?
And I played a match today and he doesn't let me bowl the googly, off spin, topspinner, flipper or anything. Just my stock delivery, how can I convince him?. I bowl at about 15-20mph on a regular basis. I'm gonna bowl a bit quicker now. I am 11 years old.

Hi. The reason why you should only bowl your stock delivery now is because it is the most important ball, it is the only one that matters. Bill O' Reilly (one of the best leg spinners ever) said the following about leg spin and variations: "Develop a HARD SPUN leg break, and bowl that 90% of the time. It will take you 4 years to master." Variations will get you wickets initially, but as you go up the ladder it will be mastery over your stock ball that will really trouble any batsman. So practice your stock ball 90% of the time, for 4 years till you've perfected it and then you can develop variations.
Good luck Smiling

I've only recently started playing cricket in the past few weeks and have now built the ability to bowl standard seam down the offside.

Bowling leg spin feels natural however and when I find the line and length I'm getting some good turn from leg to the off stump.

My problem is that 70-80% of the leg breaks are coming out too early and hitting the roof of the nets. I don't have this problem bowling seam but all my spin comes out of the hand too early and too far down leg.

If I adjust my body position to my left like my seam position (bringing my bowling arm completely vertical) I find it really difficult to spin it out of the fingers.

Any advice to improve my body/arm position to stop the ball coming out too early or going too far down leg?

Hi guys,

I've recently returned to cricket after a 16 year gap!
I'm finding it hard to attend nets due to work commitments, but in the games I'm bowling two full toss no balls in every over! I'm also spinning the ball a lot less than before.

My confidence in my bowling is at rock bottom, I'm an off spinner.
Any advice on how I can stop bowling over waist height full tosses?

Thank you

Mark, you have answered your question there: You don't practice!

Unless you have a very repeatable action, it's hard to just hit the spot with no "greasing the groove". Bowling is NOT like riding a bike, you do forget!

My advice would be to find a way to practice somehow. You don't need anything complex because as a bowler all you need is a ball and some space. Put down a marker and bowl at it until the groove comes back. Keep a ball in your car and make sure your drive home takes you past some nets or a bit of waste ground.

Another tip is to try playing a lower pressure match, say in midweek. For people who thrive in an open ended match scenario this is good practice.

Thanks David, I've made a conscious effort to get down to the nets over the next couple of weeks.
Its silly things like not having a set run up or gripping the ball correctly, so you are spot on I need to practice.

Thanks again.

i know to spin ball.but ball goes too slowly.how can i improve?

Hello. I need Help. I'm a 16 year old Leg spinner.
I've been bowling leg spin for nearlly 4 years now.
I used to be able to bowl a good Flighted up leg break with drift and with alot of spin.
Basically I had good control, but half way though last season my bowling went to completely down hill. I've become extremely inconsistent. I was having a great season, and then all of a sudden I started bowling these loopy full tosiss alot.
I play three times a week Friday nights, Saturday and Sunday
Under 16s on Fridays seniors on Saturday and under 17s on Sunday.
I would bowl like shit on Friday and Saturday matches but on Sunday I would bowl well I don't get it why am I so inconsistent it drives me mad i love my cricket but sometimes I just want to give up.
So basically to some it up.
Bowl alot of full tosses. Ball dosent feel right out the hand and extremely inconsistent
Please help me.....

jus make sure u complete your action by pulling your left hand(if right hand bowler) till ur thighs

when my bowl going drift and big spin also when bowl landing then going sharply in said

My coach and my team
Mates say my bowling arm is to low but to me I feel like its high.
I recorded myself bowling and my left arm (right hand bowler) was high
But my bowling arm was low?
Please help
Any good drills to work on this problem.
Thank you

It all depends on what type of bowler you are, are you a leg spinner, off spinner or fast bowler?

Leg spinner

Leg spinners rarely have bowling arms that are too low. Look at Shane Warne and Clarrie Grimett, they had very low bowling arms. The ideal angle for most is about 45 degrees. A bit higher or lower isn't a problem unless it's hindering your bowling. If your an off spinner you need a high arm action to get top spin, but leg spinners can generate all the types of spin from a low arm position. My bowling arm is vertical and I can go "around the loop" more than most.

Don't try to raise your bowling arm higher than a comfortable height, just keep it at the height which feels right and you get the most revolutions with.

Ok thanks but what can I do to fix my full toss problem?

Leg spin isn't like fast bowling where you put all your power down the back of the ball, your power comes from the side. Thus accuracy is extremely difficult! The best way to gain accuracy is to do target practice, bowl 100 balls a day at a target if you can (and if circumstances allow, even more!!!) Make sure you repeat all the same movements in your bowling action so it becomes repeatable. After a while you shouldn't think about your action anymore, it should be ingrained in your memory. Then just stare at the target, spin the ball hard, simple as that. At least your not bowling too short which is a recipe for disaster, full tosses can still end up in the throats of fielders, and because the ball is pitch so full with so much flight the drift and dip will be enormous! Short deliveries have none of that.

Keep work at ur point of release...try to bowl by just low as u bowld before.....for this better go before the wall and mark the target or region just bit higher than ur point at the ball(raise ur hand as like bowling and mark) try to bowl over the target but not too high from a small gap like 2or3 meters from the wall....practice well and master ur spin and flight ....all the best

When does a lot of drift become a hindrance?

As a left arm chinaman bowling over or around the wickets I aim to drift the ball away from the right hander. Around the wickets I'm able to drift it from about middle stump to outside off. The ball turns a lot because of the natural angles, seam position etc. The drift doesn't cause any problems. However, once I bowl over the wickets I'm able to drift the ball from outside leg to outside off. For some reason this lessens the turn considerably on occasion. Bowling slower doesn't help much, I have tried everything but I can't bowl with that amount of drift and still turn the ball prodigiously.

Look at Shane Warne's ball of the century, than imagine Mike Gatting is a left hander and the ball drifts from outside his leg stump to a foot outside his off stump. If it bites and nips back it's a very dangerous ball. But if it only straightens or comes back in a fraction it isn't half as dangerous.

If I lower my arm so it is about 40 degrees I can angle the ball enough so it only straightens through the air but rips savagely. This doesn't seem to bother the batsman as much as a drifting ball though. So do I sacrifice most of the turn for drift, or sacrifice the drift for more turn?

I'm back I've fixed most problems but I have 2 big problems.

My team mates say that my bowling arm is to high.
And at first I didn't get what they ment but then they recorded me bowling.
I thougt my arm was fine but one of the coaches said it might be to high so how to fix.
I still get a lot of turn.

As a spinner I know that spinners should never bowl front foot no balls.
But lately I've been bowling a lot I can't help it I've tried longer and shorter run ups still manage to get my front foot well over the line please help.

hello sir ,
i am off spin right hand bowler and i am facing lot's of prob. sir
sir plz. tell me when i'm bowl that time my bowl going very slowly i don't no what i do
and second prob. is plz. tell me when my bowl sharply turn (spin )

Most of your deliveries are going full toss is probably because you are trying to do the top spinner. For the top spinner you have to put your hand as much high as you can which will give it that bounce, and thats probably what you are trying to do. If you don't want to full toss, then put your hand a little bit lower than you usually do. You won't get it on the first ball, but keep on practising.

I have found that practicing on my own is far more productive as an off-spinner than attending nets. Batsmen just attempt to smash every ball for six. The pivot is most important i have discovered to gaining sufficient spin. Do you agree that this is important? A slightly angled approach with the back foot landing parallel and bowling against the front foot which rotates on the spikes. Before i wasn't landing parallel, just straight. I'm now seeing better results.


My front foot landing while bowling a leg spin is facing the third man.... How can I make it face towards the fine leg or keeper...

I am a 15 year old and i want to become a leggie i live in south india and people seem not to believe in cricket coaching so me and my friends are forced to teach ourselves how to bowl so can i get some tips on how to achieve good accuracy with leg breaks

hello sir I m a leg spinner and from last 4-5 months I have been feeling totally out o rhythm..and now when I bowl I feels like that I cant bowl leg spin ...there occurs a lack of confidence in me from last few months as m totally out of rhythm....so sir pls tell me about some tips that I can rebuild my confidence and can ge it back.

Grip the ball across the seam and keep your thumb away from the ball as this can decrease the amount of spin generated.

So, I was doing a bit of spin on a park pitch (not consolidated) and I just cannot get the ball to spin. Admittedly I was using a junior ball but it was the only one. The problem is that I get spin onto it but the seam is always horizontal. Never vertical. So it spins but only along the X axis so the seam is parallel to the ground so no spin! Please help. I usually bowl medium pace with off cutters. The off cutters spin more than my off break!

I am an offspinner, I play T20 cricket, my problem is I lack consistency in my bowling , sometimes it goes off side sometimes on leg side sometimes short or overpitch.. in an over I get only two or three balls correct line n length and the rest here and there so I get smacked for boundaries... Wat practice am I suppose to do to bowl consistent. Please help because I am not getting my rhythm back and have a chance to be dropped from the squad. And please help me out to get wickets and contain runs in a 2020 game

Yeh, so, what you wanna do is practise. GO to the nets, get a piece of paper and bowl at it. Don't bother with flight and drift for the moment. Just spin it and hit the piece of paper. Once you can consistently bowl a couple of overs at it, move it around to the off stump and leg stump. Then, vary the line so sometimes bowl it full sometimes aa half volley. Then work o your flight. Just try it release it a bit earlier but make sure you stil get your line right. If that doesn't work, bowl it straight at his chest. Because it is a slow ball, it isn't a beamer.

Firstly remove all the rubess things from ur mind then u can do bowling without any stress. For ur grip feel is that do more work on strenghtng on hand r finger.

harshit .............wen u want 2 ball a quicker 1 u hav 2 show him som action ......eg: tie ur lace , put ur collar up or shw him som action n in4rm him abt wat ur doin

ali ....................its bcoz ur releasing the ball 4m the bak of ur hand ur way of release must b like ur turnin a water knob n watch it spin

Hi,I am an off spiner, earlier I used to do medium pace bowling but my problem is that I am not finding a ideal run up for an off spiner and area where I can pitch the bowl

I'm a young spin bowler, but I can't get the ball to spin. I also struggle to pitch it sometimes. Also I love cricket balls so much that I sometimes forget to let go. My teammates hate it because I get wickets with no-balls. And the ones that do pitch are so slow that even the tinman could run faster? Please help me

Have a look at my link here http://www.mpafirsteleven.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/leg-spin-bowling-practi... there's some ideas about what you can try to improve your accuracy. Currently pre-season I'm training and practicing 3 - 5 times a week. The method I'm using is producing some good results and it's pretty easy to set up if you've got a bit of space where you can get set up and bowl. I've also made some observations about using too many balls which I'd be interested in hearing others thoughts on.

I am a18 yr old right arm leg spinner.to my surprise I bowl googly much better than leg spin.the only way I get wicket bowling leg spin is from around the wicket.but is it right for me to get into team India.please suggest area s of my improvements. I bowl at 90-95 kmph.

when i give flight and pitch it in the good length it becomes easy pick for batsmens to clear they put front leg forward and hits it obviously ball is in their reach in that case what should i do i am a offie !

If u flight the ball the batsman want to hit the ball to four or a aix but if u flighted it and if urvspin is also good nd the batsman can step out nd there could be chances of stumping

i am a leg spinner.my friends say that my leg spin is good and i think i deceive batsmen with my flight and spin . But i rely mostly on wicket keepers for wickets.i missed the opportunity to take a five wicket haul in three consecutive matches due to awful keeping. i want that the bails go off with a sharp googly. How can i master the art of bowling a googly?

Hlw bro I'm 14 years old n I do off break my problem is that my ball isn't that much fast its just like 59/60 m/s sooo how to make my bowling fast my tournament are coming n I need help please help me tnx in advance

Hi, my name is Arshmit. I'm a left arm spinner & practicing for a long timeThere always a question that arises in my mind that when we r bowling good and sometimes great, how to maintain that level of bowling bcaus it has happened with me i bowl good with all my basics correct for sometime say 2 or 3 months and than it feels that i am not bowling the way i was bowling previously

Even when there a lot of people playing the game only very less people do play by the actually rules and this is due to the embarrassing fact that the actually rules are not known by most of the people who play the game. windows 8 problems

land on the toes of you left foot after the gather, rotate your waist anticlockwise during the time before you release and continue. This will give you more turn but accuracy is more important. Try to be side on before rotating your waist and land on toes only never use your heel

cz ur young ur speed will be less so they hav time to come down the pitch if u see them coming down before ur release, bowl a quick flat wide if not try to hit the good length with less flight. its wont be long before u get u miss i strike situations start occuring

I am an ofg spinner
How shall i prevent chucking?

hi I am a 15 year old leg spinner I got picked for b grade for my accuracy but I get no spin of fight form my leggie but when I bowl a wrong'un it turns and bounces HELP

Sir Can u give me few tips to how to drift the ball more ??? I am a left arm orthodox spinner...i drift the ball but not much...i want to drift the ball a huge amount..so tht batsman should fear to face my bowling..i have a very gud dip in my bowling...Can we use shine of the ball in drifting the ball?

Dear abishek.
U may try following for more drift.
1 spin the ball hard.put more revolution.
2 slightly cocked back ur wrist.
3 try bowling from behind bowling crease so that u get min 22 yard for bowling.
4 intialy in flight u try to bowl slightly up.
Do write feedback

Use more power through the crease by lifting your front knee and really flicking your back leg around. This should cause more drop but you also must be spinning very hard

Sir can u please explain me the second point briefly?? Are u saying that my wrist should face the sight screen??

To prevent this you have to grip bowl like leg spinner your ring finger should be flicking the ball when you release it and your arm should be at its right position. I also had the same problem

I have lot of talent to prove myself as a perfect spinner. I do hard work every day with the ball. when I go to practice I practice like a best spinner. I love cricket I live with cricket.
but I didn't go to play any domestic match. I fear if I failed , sometimes I hit on my own chest and talking with myself. ... "hey come on jrp you can do it"

so many times I tried to go with cricket but my luck not give me a opportunity. i feel my God is not helping me.

Dear pitchvision plz help me to become a perfect cricketer plz.
I really want to be ,I dnt care how much hard work to do..
I will do.
I just need to prove my talent.
Plz call me and give me a opportunity

i am a leg spinner.
i can turn the ball much more.
but my problem is. i can't control my line n length on regular base.
whenever i give some extra effort on my arm n wrist for more turn. its goes wide or full length. so what do u think. where i am missing the trick.

waiting for ans.

Hey,I m a coach at India.I had also handled so many problems in my spin.So I suggest u that whenever,u bowl a leg spin,always look at the point on the bowling pitch not at the hand or not at batsman.