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The cricketing benefits of swimming

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Used properly, swimming can be a powerful tool in your cricket training armoury. As we discussed yesterday, there are times when even the hardest training players need to rest. It's vital for recovery and success.

On days like this, activities like swimming are the perfect way to rest and stay active.

  • Swimming helps burn fat through gently working your heart and lungs.
  • Swimming allows you to keep tired muscles active without the wear and tear of running, drills or weights.
  • Swimming helps your mobility by moving your joints through difference ranges of motion to cricket.

Sure, swimming is not suitable for cricket-specific training and shouldn't be a main part of your preparation. But as a way to recover the day after a tough match or plyometric session there is little better.

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If you want a more comprehensive guide to reducing injury risk and increasing cricket specific fitness, check out county strength coach Rob Ahmun's guide on PitchVision Academy.


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