The Pickup Cricketer’s Guide to PitchVision Academy | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

The Pickup Cricketer’s Guide to PitchVision Academy

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This is part of a series of introductory guides to PitchVision Academy, for the full list click here.

Most cricket is played for fun. Yes, there are many leagues and professional teams, but at the grass-roots there are millions all over the world who just use cricket as a way to stay active and enjoy a good afternoon or evening.

PitchVision Academy is generally not aimed at these players, but if you are playing less serious cricket there are still things you can learn to help you have more fun by winning. Winning and doing well is always more fun that looking like you have no idea at all!

You won’t be hitting the gym nor doing warm up drills before play. You will rarely net, if at all. But here are some links to help you when you do play:

Pickup Batting Tips

Pickup Bowling Tips

Pickup Fielding Tips

Pickup Tactics

Pickup Practical Tips

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