Out Now: Monty Desai Reveals How To Become A Cricketer In Exclusive Online Coaching Courses | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Out Now: Monty Desai Reveals How To Become A Cricketer In Exclusive Online Coaching Courses

How to Become a Cricketer, the total guide to achieving your cricket dreams from respected coach Monty Desai, is out now, exclusively on PitchVision Academy.

As you know, recently we announced the Rajasthan Royals Talent Scout and Academy Coach was revealing his methods in his first ever online coaching courses. Tody you can get your hands on three courses that teach you how to become a cricketer

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All the streaming videos on the courses are professionally produced and the content is split into chapters to make it totally relevant to your needs:

  • Revelations from the Talent Scout
  • Effective IPL Skills and Tactics
  • Inner-Circle Academy Sessions

The course is fully interactive and have been designed to teach you effectively. Guides cover they ways to play to achieve success at your level from tennis ball up to IPL and beyond.

In these videos, you'll finally learn:

  • The path from tennis ball to IPL explained in detail, with tips on moving forward.
  • How to practice to prepare for both IPL and Test cricket.
  • The skills to learn to give you the best results in the shortest time.
  • A secret way to gain respect from any coach and improve you chances of becoming a cricketer.
  • How to become a T20 specialist, even if you are older!
  • Simple ways to respectfully ask a coach or Guru for your one chance (even if you only have Facebook).

Monty has seen good players become great, average players become good, and good players throw away talent. He knows what works. He has filtered out the bad and has worked out the good, now he is passing it onto you so you can take your chance and become a cricketer.

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