How to Get Past the Horror of Watching Yourself Play Cricket | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to Get Past the Horror of Watching Yourself Play Cricket

Video is everywhere now, but you're using it wrong.


Affordable, high quality video for both nets and games is no longer just for the cricket pros. From phone apps to match scoring, video is here for all. Yet, what is the first thing most people do when they see themselves?

"I can't believe I look that bad!"

You thought you had the classical elegance of Joe Root or Sachin Tendulkar, but really you look like a terrible hacker without a clue.

Stop. Don't panic.

Once you get over the shock of how you look you can use this powerful new tool to score more runs, take more wickets and even improve your fielding.

Here's the steps:

  1. As much as possible, look at the whole session, innings or spell. Most people focus on the high emotional stuff, like how they got out.
  2. Look at the things you did well (tactically and technically) and note them down as things you want to continue doing.
  3. Look at the things you did not do so well and assess if you need to stop a bad habit or start a new skill to handle this.
  4. Note down next to each item how you plan to deal with each one. Try and be as specific as possible.

It helps to have a coach to go through this process with you. Not only can they act as another set of eyes, they can keep you from being too negative (focusing on just the flaws and technical errors) and not specific (saying "I need to change my backlift").

Treat each video as a precious part of a treasure map that leads you to improved cricket. It will guide you if you let it, but you need to be looking for the right path.

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