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Want a great way to develop potential captains?


Captaincy is the hardest cricket skill to learn because the only way to get better at it is to actually be a captain. But if you have no experience, how are you going to get the job?
One way around this problem, and motivate younger players, is for established captains to hand a little bit of responsibility to his younger players for a short period.

So during a match the captain could talk to a player, asking his advice on what should be done then acting on his advice without question. The skipper could tell that player that he is driving for the next 20 minutes, and while all instructions are directed through the real captain, the younger player is still in total command.

Imagine how motivated that player would be.

Imagine how much that player would learn during those few minutes 'in charge'.

And of course, the real captain still has the final veto in case of any glaring mistakes. Everyone wins.

How is your club developing its next generation of winning captains?

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