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Want to bowl faster? Ian Pont opens speed camp to all

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Sadly this course has now finished. However you can still get Ian's tips and advice. Click here to view Ian Pont's fast bowling course on PitchVision Academy.

 Do you want to really know how to bowl faster with more accuracy?

Judging by the number of times I get asked the question I suspect a lot of people do. How many people are prepared to really put their money where their mouth is to improve? To do what it really takes to make it?

Friend of this site Ian Pont has announced his first 5 day fast bowling camp will be held in La Manga, Spain this August.

Open to all

The camp is open to all ages and standards of bowler from village green upwards. Ian is a superb bowling coach and this camp puts him in a position to provide assessment and groove your actions for speed and accuracy. On the camp you will be helped to:

  • Find out how to bowl faster
  • Understand your action
  • Become more consistent
  • Discover what skill drills you need to get better
  • Go through the secrets of yorkers, bouncers, variations

You will be training and putting your skills to use in nets and match situations. Additionally, you will be given batting and fielding coaching to improve your all round game.

If you didn't already know, Ian's CV also includes the ground breaking Fast Bowler's Bible book, ECB National & Regional Skills Set Coach and Mavericks Cricket Coaching. He told me he selected La Manga as a location with the right cricket and recreational facilities, perfect weather and only 2 hours from the UK.

As well as world class coaching, the package includes full board, accommodation, use of La Manga's pool, gym, sauna and steam room.

If you are serious about getting faster this is the camp for you. I strongly recommend it as Ian knows his stuff. I can't think of a better environment to improve your game outside of professional cricket. The camp is August 25th until 29th 2008 at La Manga, Spain. The price for individuals is £940 with discounts for family packages (minors must be accompanied). Click here to contact me for more details.


Start scaring the batsmen. You can now get drills and techniques on how to bowl faster from a world class coach.Click here to view Ian Pont's fast bowling course on PitchVision Academy.




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how to increase arm pull and how to pull down the non bowling arm to ball faster