Why becoming a rock star is the key to your cricket success | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Why becoming a rock star is the key to your cricket success

Do you want to be the best cricketer you can be?

It’s time to take a leaf from the music world and become a rock star.

Rock stars, real stars that is, buck the trend and walk with a swagger. They ignore what came before and change everything that comes afterwards.

Just like Elvis did in the 50’s, Nirvana did in the 90’s and Sanath Jayasuriya did during the 1996 World Cup.

You see, it’s not just music that has rock stars.

Until Uncle Sanath came along, one day cricket was about building a base in the first few overs. Not losing too many wickets and being watchful against the new ball. The Sri Lankan opener paid no mind to convention and wacked everything out of the park. A lot.

Now every country has a 'pinch hitter' opener.

That’s rock star cricket.

  • Shane Warne rose to become the highest wicket taker of all time despite leg spin bowling being declared dead after years of West Indian pace dominance
  • Malcolm Marshall was one of the best bowlers of the modern era with an open action that the traditionalists baulked at.
  • The MCC had to have a meeting to decide whether Kevin Pietersen’s switch hit was allowed under the laws.

There are no limits to creativity and imagination when you have confidence in yourself. Just like a rock star.

Don’t get me wrong, you still need to be able to do the basics well, but to truly get the best from yourself you need that something extra.

Ask yourself what traditions are holding you back?

What are you not supposed to do that people tell you will never work?

How can you turn that to your favour?

Next time you cross the white line try thinking a little more like a rock star. It might just work.

Image credit: Jason Rogers

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I wouldn't say Nirvana I.E Kurt cobain is a good example infact its terrible - he had no swagger was a manic depressive who couldn't deal with fame eventually killing himself !

A better one would be Liam Gallagher "OASIS" .

Good point, I guess my point was that Nirvana changed the music world by bucking the trend.