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Why good cricketers care about ‘work capacity’

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Cricket is one of the longest lasting sports, yet the skills are all explosive: Bowling, throwing, running between the wickets and the like. In between these bursts you are generally standing still or walking and recovering.

That makes your work capacity far more important and cricket specific than your jogging endurance. Work capacity is your body's ability to repeatedly perform then recover from short term intense activity. This activity is the basis of batting, bowling and fielding. It's a lack of capacity that is the cause of why you get tired when you have been on the field for a while and not because you don't have enough stamina.

How does this relate to your cricket training?

The answer is to include fitness work in your training that improves your recovery time (such as shuttle interval work) and to work on your power with medicine ball work and plyometrics. In short, stuff you can do at the start of club training sessions just as easily as you can do in your own time. A combination of the two will do far more for your cricket than jogging 10k ever will.

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