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Why you need to drink more than squash

Sunny Saturday afternoons playing cricket wouldn't be the same without the weak orange cordial served up halfway through an innings.

But it should be different.

You see, while squash is a great way to get fluids and sugar into your body it's certainly not going to give you the edge.

Getting the edge

Cricket is a sport based on power through hitting, sprinting or throwing/bowling. That means you can't waste time building up your endurance through fitness training. However, you do need endurance and fast recovery (especially if you are playing more than once a week) to perform at your best to the last ball.

You can get this through what you drink before, during and after the game.

Dr. John Berardi also believes that the right drink during the match can also improve your reactions, sprint speed and accuracy both batting and bowling. And he knows his stuff.

Avoiding drinking or sticking to the supplied orange flavoured water just doesn't cut it if you are serious about improving your game.

What is in the ideal cricket performance drink?

I have searched long and hard for the answer to that question and tried quite a few different drinks to see what gives the best results. I have found the ideal drink must:

  1. Contain water for hydration.
  2. Be able to sit in the sunshine and not go off.
  3. Contain fast acting carbohydrates for recovery and endurance.
  4. Taste good or you won't drink it.
  5. Contain fast acting protein for recovery, retention of power and performance enhancement.

There are plenty of ways to get this balance. You could make it yourself or even compromise a little with chocolate milk. But I wanted something that hit the mark. For me that's a workout drink called Cytofuse.

Why Cytofuse for cricketers?

How to get Cytofuse

After trying to get it in the UK I decided to contact the makers of Cytofuse.

Myonova don't sell directly but I'll be ordering in large quantities to supply myself and the people I am involved with.

As a harrowdrive reader who wants to get the best from your cricket I want to offer you the chance to get the cricket performance drink for the first time.

Would you like to give Cytofuse a try and boost your performance this season? I will add some to my order for you. contact me for pricing and flavour choices. I'll be buying in bulk so will be able to get it to you for a great rate.

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[...] and immediately after warm up, a carb/protein energy drink like Cytofuse could be used to improve performance and aid recovery. About 500ml per hour of practice should [...]

[...] Why you need to drink more than squash. [...]

howdi, can you provide pricing for the cytofuse drink please.

I don't carry it any more I'm afraid, take a look here for the alternative from myprotein: http://www.pitchvision.com/supplements-for-cricket/

is cytofuse a powder mixed in water.........and will i get it in bahrain.......if not wat should i do

It is a powder vaishak. I don't know if you can get it where you are. If not look for something that contains both protein and caerbohydrate in a drink. Even if it is just Gatorade mixed with protein powder.

Can you tell me what ingredients go into Cytofuse so I can make it(or a similar drink) by myself?

I have switched to Biotest Surge now (well a variation of it)

32% Hydrolysed Whey
31% Dextrose
31% Maltodextrin
Vanilla flavour

how can i get cytofuse in india? Or how can i order it to you?

Although the information in the article is correct, I no longer supply Cytofuse. We now use a UK company call Myprotein. I don't know if they ship to India, but I suspect you will be better off finding a local supplement specialist.

For the breaksown of what is in the drink look here: http://www.pitchvision.com/supplements-for-cricket/

You should be able to get a rough equivalent.