Delhi Schoolkids Chances of Becoming Cricketers Boosted by PitchVision at DPS Yamuna Nagar | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Delhi Schoolkids Chances of Becoming Cricketers Boosted by PitchVision at DPS Yamuna Nagar

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Every cricket-loving schoolkid dreams of being able to use world class training facilities. So, Delhi Public School, Yamuna Nagar Haryana, is investing in creating cricketers by becoming the first to launch PitchVision in the region.

PitchVision video analysis technology will help the coaches in the school to improves the cricketing prowess of its young cricketers. Students can to review and share their cricketing performance online at

This adds to the already magnificent facilities at Delhi Public School Yamunanagar: A seven pitch cricket ground, five practice nets and high end cricket equipment. The school is regarded as one of the best of the region, having set new and impeccable standards. If you are a young cricketer hopeful of playing for India one day, you cannot ask for a better chance.

A delighted Rajneesh Kalia, Director of Sports of DPS Yamuna Nagar said,

“Knowing PitchVision’s technological expertise, I am excited with this association. I am confident that this coaching system will help assist our coaching team to train youngsters. I strongly believe in outcome-based training and PitchVision will definitively add value to our education system.”

PitchVision technology - made in India - automatically captures every ball bowled and played in practice using high-definition cameras. Balls are captured independently, tied to individual players and available for review and analysis both before and after the session. The system features advanced drawing tool, instant replay at normal and slow motion speeds. All the data is stored on a special laptop and uploaded to the secure PitchVision portal for review online in the PitchVision mobile app.

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