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Case study update: Mental training

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This week, as the season approaches, we are moving our focus onto more mental aspects of preparation and playing.

Before we do that let's recap on Geraint and Naz so far.

Geraint has been sticking to his fitness plan well and feels fitter as well as bowling faster. Naz has been struggling to find the time with work taking up unreasonably large amounts of his day at the moment. However her has not given up and knows that a missed workout or two will not cause problems as long as he gets back in the habit as soon as possible.

Nutrition is proving more difficult. Both men have struggled to stick to their own rules as closely as they would have hoped. Geraint is doing better but is still a long way off the "90% rule". The key for them both is to plan ahead a little bit making sure they have the right food available to them at the right time. Otherwise temptation can get in the way!

Technically I have seen improvements in the batting of both players. Naz is working on getting his bat swing straighter by controlling the shot with his top hand a little more. Geraint is working on getting over the ball a little more to improve his hitting zone.

Goal setting

Now is the perfect time to set some goals for the coming UK season, especially as it can take some time to pin down exactly what is required to meet those goals. I have asked both Geraint and Naz to come up with a list of aims for the coming season. They can be simple or complicated but it will give us a base to work from.

Once we have the big goals we can break them down a bit more into controllable tasks and track them through the coming weeks. I'm a big believer in looking after the little stuff as it makes achieving the big stuff seem a lot easier.

We will look at these goals in more detail in the next update.


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