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How to Keep Track of Your Momentum

Runs and wickets are limited as a way of seeing how well your team is doing in the field. There is no easy way of seeing where the psychological momentum lies.

At least, there wasn’t until some bright spark in the England setup developed ‘Match Play’

Match Play is used to judge how well a team is performing as a unit in the field without comparison to the opposition or the conditions.

It concerns the mental boosts or falls found during the game and how this affects the confidence of both sides.

Team Roles: Cricket Teams are More Than Bowlers and Batsmen

Selection as I see it isn’t just selecting your best eleven players.

If you want the team to play to their full potential selection needs to be specific to roles; and that goes beyond just whether you excel with bat or ball.

The best sides are never made up of the best eleven cricketers in the club, but are balanced and split into complimenting formulas.

5 Ways to Help the Captain Motivate Your Team

It’s not just the captain’s responsibility to motivate the side when on the field.

He has lots things to be thinking about during the fielding session, so here are 5 ways you can assist him  by taking the job of head cheerleader.

Mindful Encouragement

It is such an obvious place to start, but so many teams don’t do it well.

Many teams have a bit of chat in the field but mostly without meaning.

The Unexpected Best Place for Captains to Field

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The captain of any team needs to be seen and heard at all times. Everybody will turn to you for direction and you set the tone of your side.

Most people prefer to captain from slip or mid-off. But for me, there is a better option.

With the traditional approach, both are in direct line of the batsman to assess their technique and view. 

Cricket Show 123: Sightscreens Blowing Past the Window

PitchVision Academy - PitchVision Academy Cricket Show 123.mp3
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It’s the height of summer in the UK so we are experiencing monsoon conditions. Undaunted by the weather Burners and David discuss all manner of cricket coaching, playing and watching.

We look at the big international series as England challenge India for the Test number 1 spot and try to work out what a bowling “enforcer” really does.

Plus Craig Wright gives us a few tips on how to be a club captain.

And of course we have your questions where we discuss how to stop getting bogged down as a batsman and how to get selected for rep level cricket. 

Why Your Club is Driving Players Away

The captain scratched his head as he examined the team sheet. He had 8 names written on it.

“Who can we find to play?” he muttered to himself, scrolling through his phone contacts.

He was already coming up with creative ideas like asking Fred if his brother still fancied a game because he “played a bit in school” and expressed some interest a couple of seasons ago.

How to Win the Battle of the Death Overs

This is the final part of the blueprint of a one day innings series we look at the tactics of a typical club game in the last 10 overs. Part one is here, part two is here.

The death of any innings is a shoot out. The battle is about who can keep control when the shackles are off.

How to Control the Middle Overs Bowling First

In part one of this analysis of a 50 over club limited overs match, we looked at the first 15 overs. In this part we examine the tactics used by Craig Wright, former Scotland and current Watsonian CC captain, during the lull middle overs.

How do you manage the middle overs of a limited over match?

Secrets of One Day Cricket Tactics from a Former International

Craig Wright, Scotland’s most capped player, captained over 100 times for his country. He is still captaining today with Watsonian CC.

When I was in Scotland I took the chance to examine his tactics and methods in the field and learn from someone with unrivalled experience as a skipper.

This is the blueprint of the limited over game against Grange CC.

How would you have managed the game as captain?

How to Open the Bowling with Spin

We might think of it as a bold and innovative IPL-style tactic, but spinners have been opening the effectively bowling for years. Yet it’s still under-used in club cricket.

In my mind there is a place for defying convention and opening with spin. You just have to know who, when and how.

So, as a spinner, when might you be called on to bowl the first over of the innings?