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Ireland: The most professional amateur team

What can club cricket teams learn from the story of Ireland's victory over Pakistan?

The proud minnows against the apathetic giant perhaps?

"They just wanted it more" the commentators will no doubt say.

Many will compare the passion of the two sides. For me this, Irish win is about something a lot more down to earth.

They were better prepared.

Why a coach can make your club a success

Has your cricket club got a coach?

I'm talking about the senior section here, not the colts or youth teams. If not, have you ever considered why not?

I know that at the clubs I have played the answer to both questions is 'no'.

How club cricketers can train like professionals

If the cricket club you play for is anything like mine, success means a great deal. We may be amateurs but we still want to do well personally and in our leagues.

But playing well means training well, especially for those of us who are not lucky to have the talent of Ponting, Flintoff or Ntini.

Time restrictions might stop you practising as much, but you can still train the way the top guys do. Here is how:

Make a commitment