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How to Use Your Phone to Improve Your Cricket Coaching

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Cricket coaches: Use the PitchVision app to record and analyse video on the fly, and pick up drills, skills and games to use at your sessions. Let players review their sessions too, all in the app and all for free.

Video: Access Cricket Coaching by Signing Up to PitchVision (in 30 Seconds)

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Download the PitchVision app then join the fun in 30 seconds. This video shows you how!

Like and Share Your Cricket Videos with the PitchVision App

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The PitchVision app not only allows you to shoot and edit your cricket videos, it also lets you show off your skills to your mates with the like and share options.

This video shows you how the features work and how you can become a cricket legend with your friends and followers.

Video: PitchVision App Gives You Drawing and Editing Tools at Your Nets

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Here's how to use the PitchVision app to draw lines and coach live at your next session. You can also edit video as soon as you have taken it to really highlight your point.

Video: How to Make Cricket Nets More Fun and Competitive

Net games are easy to add to any standard net session. They make practice more fun and improve standards.

In this video you can find three simple ways to up the competitive part of nets.

If you can't see the video above, click here.

Cricket Tips: Combining Video with A Bowling Machine Boosts Performance

We all know how good a bowling machine is for improving batting technique. But just using it to hit balls is not the best way. That's where a good review and PitchVision's PV/VIDEO comes in.

This video shows you how you can use video analysis for instant feedback on your bowling machine session. This allows you to tap into the proven power of deliberate practice and effective review.


Improve Spin Bowling Tactics with the Spin Triangle

It's hard to plan spin tactics in cricket nets.

With this drill from PitchVision, you can use the "spin triangle" to make the most of your spin, accuracy and pace to find your ideal tactic, even in a net. So, find out what this is all about in the video below (including examples).

Video: Better Throwdowns at Nets by Moving the PitchVision Sensors

Here's how to change to position of the PitchVision crease sensor for throwdowns, so you can track batting technique with the built-in video analysis tools. It's much easier than sifting through 45 minutes of tape with no tracking, I can tell you.

Video: Batting Drill to Improve at Nets

One of the problems with batting in cricket nets is that you can't see where you hit the ball after it goes into the net. So, here is a drill to bring in a better way to assess your shots you can take from the nets to the middle. In the video, we use a scoring system that lets the batsman self-assess each shot.

Bowler Video Analysis: A Fresh Camera Angle

With so many cameras to cricketers these days, it's easy to set up and forget about it. But here's a great fresh angle that will help identify a range of technical points for bowlers. Using PitchVision, I set a camera in the perfect place and there was no danger to the equipment or the coach in the process. Watch the video to find out the details: