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You don’t have to be an International cricketer to train with International cricket intensity

One of the Australians hall marks in cricket is their intensity in practice.

For them it's all about getting as close to game pace as possible. Jeremy Snape demonstrated something similar in his World Twenty20 diary with the England team:

9 ways to make indoor nets better

It's not long now until indoor nets start in the UK, which means the cricket season is fast approaching.

Great stuff!

It's very easy to waste this important practice time though: Especially at club level. So to help avoid that and make sure your pre season practice helps your in season form, here are my 9 tips to better indoor nets:

Bob Woolmer’s marble slab

Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer used a marble slab to recreate a fast, bouncy wicket for the 2nd Test against England.

As a coaching aid it wasnt the most successful ploy ever.

Is there anything we can learn from it at a lower level?