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Club Coach Fitness Toolkit: Introduction

It’s the modern dilemma of the good coach: how much can you do with your players to get them fit?

It doesn’t help that opinions vary greatly as to the answer.

The purist says that there is no need to do anything at all. Simply playing the sport is plenty fitness training enough.

Get in the nets son.

The progressive on the other hand is doing all kinds of crazy drills to work on speed, agility and conditioning.

The truth lies between the extremes.

With modern life leaving young cricketers less active, and increasing demands of fitness in the pro game it has become the job of grass-roots coaches to add “fitness trainer” to their list of skills: at least partly.

And that’s where the Club Coach Fitness Toolkit comes in.

In this series on PitchVision Academy we will look at the realistic things coaches can do to develop fitness in young cricketers.

It’s imperfect because you don’t have the time, resources or training to do what a proper strength coach can do.

But it will be a safe and effective stopgap for cricketers in your care who are currently not doing anything at all.

Do it right and your players will be injured less and be able to perform better on the park.

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