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Instantly Become a Faster Bowler, and Keep Ramping Up the Pace

By Ian Pont, PitchVision Academy Fast Bowling Coach

Picture the scene, the sun beats onto your back as you stand at the top of your mark. In the distance the batsman stands waiting. Further back again there is the wicketkeeper clapping encouragement and slips in place.

In your hand you hold a shiny new ball with a proud seam. You are brimming with confidence and set off on your run with destructive intent.

You have already decided what to bowl as you hone in on your target. Could it be your bouncer?

You know you can send one up to his throat.

Maybe it's an away swinging bullet that catches the edge and thumps into the gloves to mad celebrations.

All the options are open to you if you can bowl with genuine pace.

But how do you acheive that extra speed?

How do you bowl fast while maintaining accuracy?

The chances are that if you have read this far you have been frustrated by your efforts.

You know you can bowl, sometimes you can bowl well.

That's not enough for you.

You need to be quick. Speed is everything.

You get frustrated when you run in and bowl a medium pace half volley that is sent to the boundary. You are angry that when you try and bowl as quick as you can you lose all accuracy.

Coaches are no help.

They stand in the net telling you to slow down; "Bowl line and length" they advise.

You know different.

You know that if only you can unlock the secrets you can bowl with pace and accuracy.

You can be the strike bowler.

Batsmen will jump around when facing you and spend their time trying to get up the other end rather than face you.

The captain will turn to you when he needs a wicket.

You have a shot of making as a cricketer full-time if you can get your pace up to professional level.

You already know this, as do thousands of other bowlers who contact me. I get daily requests for the secret of how to bowl faster from players who don't have a coach, or whose coaches can't develop real pace.

I always tell these potential pacement the same thing: it all starts with getting every last drop of speed out of your action.

A good bowling action

It really is as simple as that.

The way your body moves through the bowling action affects how fast and straight you bowl.

When you know how to model your action for yourself, you improve.


But the way to learn this is difficult. It takes time, effort and patience. It takes someone with a good work ethic and the desire to carry on when all else fall by the wayside.

Can you promise me you will do that?

Assuming you said "yes" to the question above, you are most of the way there.

All you need to do now to get faster is to go through the learning process with me.

I've coached some guys to bowl at real pace. I've been lucky enough to coach at a high level and have names like Dale Steyn and Shoaib Akhtar among the professional bowlers I have assisted.

I know from experience that for you to learn how to bowl really fast you need to understand what movements and feelings work best yourself. But you can learn it yourself, with the help of How to Bowl Faster

Knowledge is the beginning, action is the answer

Most coaching books are heavy on the techniques and light on what to actually do with the information. But knowing is not enough, it's doing that makes you better.

That's why when you buy this course you will learn it is different from a coaching manual.

It shows you what to do and asks you to go and do it, rather than just fill you with words that you can't use.

I use a combination of learning methods to match up the way you learn with what you need to know. It's a mix of of kinaesthetic (the feel of improvements), visual (what improvements look like) and auditory (telling you about improvements). You can use them any way you like to accelerate your understanding.

With the course you will be able to take the following actions:

  • Recognise that pace and accuracy can both be improved at the same time
  • Break your action into the key elements required for speed and use drills to bring up weak areas
  • Listen to my in depth explanation of pace bowling with real life examples.
  • Apply the little-known secret of the 'drop step and front foot block' that will put you ahead of 99% of bowlers.
  • Keep injries to a minimum by lining up properly

One of the most impressive benefits of joining this on-line course is lifetime access to an exclusive 24/7 support forum. Here you can interact with other fast bowlers all over the world also trying to improve their pace and accuracy. Your questions will also be answered.

But the fact is I know this process works. I've seen it work time and and time again and you can see it working on yourself when you buy this online coaching course.

Warning: Are you serious enough?

But I can't stress enough that this course is only for those bowlers and coaches with a serious passion for bowling with speed.

If you are not going to use the information to make yourself a high speed bowler, you should save your money.

This course contains everything you need to teach yourself an action that generates as much pace as it's possible for you to generate; but only if you work it out for yourself.

Given the right coaching, everyone can bowl faster.

If you are serious about making the most of your potential, I'm ready to teach you how. You already know what it takes, the next step is to do it.


Please note: this is an online course where the videos, audio, articles and worksheets are all available instantly online. There is no physical product to be delivered so you get instant unlimited access.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction
Find out how it's possible to bowl both fast and accurately

Why speed?
Discover why speed is important to bowling success, whatever level you play.

Speed vs Accuracy: How do you choose?

Discover that speed and accuracy can go together. Don't listen to the old methods.

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Chapter 2 - The keys to fast bowling success
Find out the 99.9% of what a bowler needs to get it right

The keys to fast bowling success audio
Listen in as we discuss what the most important elements are in a fast bowler's action. (1h 11m 32s).

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Chapter 3 - Biomechanics of fast bowling
Understand the key terms and how they apply to your bowling

Biomechanics for fast bowlers

Biomechanics of the drop step and front foot block

The 'drop step and front foot block' is a revolutionary technique for improving bowling speed. Read this article to find out more about the secrets of the movement.

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Chapter 4 - Understanding the action
Use these videos to understand the essential coaching points of a fast bowler's action

Hang time
Most really fast bowlers have 'hang time': The jump at the end of your run up towards the batsman. It's an important trigger for what follows and allows you to set yourself for exploding through your action. (1m 36s).
Setting up
Lining up your arms and shoulders at the start of your action is important for accuracy. In this video we examine the common faults and demonstrate a more efficient set up. (2m 25s).

Arm pull
Real bowling speed is about stretching and contracting your muscles in the right order. This video shows you what that looks like and gives you a drill used by top level coaches to get the feel for this stretch (1m 17s)

Hip drive
The hips are the powerhouse of the bowling action. If you want to bowl fast you must have a effective hip drive in your action. This video includes a drill to work on to improve your hip drive. (2m 17s).

Chest drive
Chest drive marks out a pace bowler. Like a ski jumper or sprinter dipping to the line, it helps set up the unleashing of extra pace. (1m 23s).

Knee drive
Driving your trailing knee forward keeps your momentum towards the target out of the crease. Learn more about it here and use the 3 knee drill from later in the course to develop it. (2m 18s).

Shoulder rotation
A full rotation of the shoulders finishes the action, driving your weight and the ball to the batsman at maximum pace. This video shows you the shoulder rotation in action and how you can drill to improve yours. (1m 24s)

Follow through
Your follow through is the result of what happens in your action. Discover how the best fast bowlers follow through.

Run up
Although your run up is the first thing you do, it's last here because we feel the action is more important to examine in detail. In this video we show you the basics of a run up for fast bowlers. (1m 00s).

*NEW* How to Use the Drop Step and Front Foot Block to Bowl Fast

If you want to really improve your pace, the secret is in the 'drop step and front foot block'. In this video we look at the 4 key drills anyone can do to employ the technique and become technically better than 99% of fast bowlers playing today (10m 44s)

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Chapter 5 - Fast bowling drills
Use these drills to create a lightning speed action

How to perform the fast bowling skill drills
Learn how we use the drills in this course to create faster bowlers at any age or skill level.

Free bonus drill - 4 Tent pegs drill
A world class, progressive drill that is a coaching tool at all levels. It can be used to teach the action from scratch to beginners or give the right feel to experienced bowlers wanting more speed. (1m 48s).

Free bonus drill - 3 Knees drill
This drill teaches you to drive towards the target. Learn the progressions and improve your speed (1m 13s).

Exclusive Course Forum

Discuss fast bowling with Ian and other fast bowlers here.