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Cricket Fielding Drills

cricket fielding drillsHere is your one-stop for cricket fielding drills.

These drills are the fastest way to improve your essential cricket fielding skills. There is nowhere with a more comprehensive set of free fielding drills than here on PitchVision Academy.

Below you will find cricket fielding drills for all aspects of the game: Stopping, throwing and catching, infield and outfield. These drills are hard tested in the real world with cricketers across a range of skills and experience. So, whether you are a total beginner, a professional cricketer, or somewhere in-between you will find something that you can use right away.

This is a free resource for cricket coaches and players on a mission to improve their fielding. Here are the fielding drills:

Stopping Drills

These drills improve your ability to stop the ball travelling along the ground efficiently.

Underarm Throw Drills

underarm throwing drills

When you are looking to quickly hit the stumps from close in, an underarm throw is the skill to drill. These drills make underarm throwing fun.

Overarm Throw Drills

overarm throwing drills

Overarm throwing is a marquee skill: Improving power and accuracy is vital to how a fielder performs, and how a team looks. Theses fielding drills are all about developing the skill:

High Catching Drills

high catching drills for cricket coaching

Close Catching Drills

close catching cricket drills

Fielding Drill Games

This section is less about closed cricket skill drills and more about open ended games and situations where you can test your abilities under pressure or for fitness reasons.

How to use cricket fielding drills

These drills are great, but to get the best from them you need to get some context too. That means understanding when and how to incorporate them into practice sessions.

There is no best time to do fielding drills, most coaches will put them in as part of a warm up or extended warm up into skill work at the sttat of a session. That's a great idea if you need to work on fielding while fresh and focused. Plus, it's good for those players who find fielding a chore to "get it done" before they sneak away after having a net.

However, its also just as valid to use drills later in practice. They can break up a session, give batters and bowlers something to do during downtime. Just be sure you know the dangers.

On top of this, it's important to know why you are doing a drill. Is it for skill development, honing technique, fitness, fielding under pressure or something else? If the drill doesn't fit your needs, do another.

Finally, try and keep fielding drills short and focused. Drills that go on for too long end up becoming dull and not developing skills. It's better to do a fielding drill for five minutes and get a little better than to try and do it for 20 minutes to get a lot better. It doesn't work like that!

Please feel free to comment below with your thoughts on drills, and don't forget to bookmark this page and check back as we add new cricket fielding drills.

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A progression could be to have player 1 run up to the stump to take the return if he misses the stump on his attemp.

2 LET the backup group stand at an angle to make the backing up more challenging and a match day situation.

Thanks Mark, a progression of which drill though?

its very good site i love cricket by learnig the cricket from this site.....

Hi all great information here and good thread to comment on.

Can I ask though - how did you get this picked up and into google news?

Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

Obviously this is a popular blog with great data so well done on your seo success..

i wnat these fielding drills as i am a cricket coach

i need these crickt drills as i m cricket coach in my state jammu and kashmir.

Feel free to use them friend.

thanks a lot u made cricket 2easy

i am a 72yr old that coaches junior (under 11) cricket @ alberton cricket club in gauteng in south africa.i always enjoy your articles.
could u email me a few fielding drills that i can use with my kids.
my grandsons (twins) play in my team they open bat & bowl. they are both cricket fanatics & know all the test stadiums in the uk. one day i hope to bring them over as they want to play cricket full time. pls keep up the good work.
eric locke


I have found the various cricket drills to be very helpful. I am a P.E. teacher and have never played before, but am hoping to introduce the game to my middle school in Sept., and to perhaps form a team.

Any advice on where and how I should start? Can you recommend any other support material please?


Eric, do they open the batting and bowling because they are the best or is it because you are the coach?

they open for the club & the school where i have no say.most children do not like to open,as they believe the best bowlers are on.the open the bowling because they take the most wickets & only bowl 4 overs max.
the both play for the districts school team & have for 2 yrs,i find that i am more critical with them because i coach them.last season the lost one game only so they must be doing something right,

Hi i am 22 and have just been asked to help out at my nephews school with coaching the kids ages 8 to 11 in kampala uganda. could you please mail me some drills i could use to make the training fun. plus i enjoy reading your articles

I am a Junior cricket coach working in a school. I am very much intersted to introduce new fielding drills to our kids. If u mail some drills it will be useful for our school kids who are very keen in cricket. Hoping ur mail

You can download the drills from Derek Randall's coaching course page. See the link at the top.

i have a tomany filding drills,but i want athree months full cricketing program
like off seasion traning how to conduct nets every day,daily nets variation including fielding drills. sir how ever i got before but i want some advance fielding drills.

with regards
satyendra singh

very good drills for cricket coaching.most help in cricket developing countries like zimbabwe.Pliz send us more drills

I need some cricketing drills and coaching system.

I need some cricketing drills and coaching system.

Hi there.

I am a coach who deals with the age group between 11-15.

I would like to know about the various drills used in cricket.

Especially warming up, and fielding drills.

Keep up the good work.

Warm Regards

V Manikoth

If anyone has drills to share please email or tweet me, I'm starting to run out..

I wanted to know if there are any fielding drills which can be done alone??

Thank u very much sir.................................
I learning lot of things................

Howdy! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be okay. I'm undoubtedly enjoying your blog and look forward to new

Hi there.

I am a coach who deals with the age group between 11-15.

I would like to know about the various drills used in cricket.

Especially warming up, and fielding drills.

Fitness games

Thanking you

Hemanth s

ya there is lot of fielding drills we can do it alone ,wall catching ,using bouncy ball throw to wall and fielding,one hand throw and the other hand stop etc..

my indian team is west of this world.i like to mahendra singh's dhoni's captancy



Please Watch " 10 years old Krishna Singh Cricket Batting video With Narrow Bat 1" on YouTube -

Please share your advice.