Fielding Drills: Pre-match Skill Warm Up

This drill is part of the PitchVision Academy fielding drills series, for more in this series click here.

Purpose:  An excellent muti-skill drill for honing technique in picking up, throwing overarm, throwing underarm, chasing and returning. This drill is especially good for a pre-game warm up.

Description: The wicketkeeper rolls the ball out to position 2. The fielder at position 1 runs picks up the ball and returns it. This is repeated for each fielder until they are all at position 2.

The wicketkeeper then rolls the ball for the fielder at position 2 to run in and perform a pickup and underarm throw. The fielder then runs to position 3. This is repeated for all the fielders.

Then the wicketkeeper rolls the ball out for the fielder at position 3 to chase, turn and throw the ball back. The fielder then moves to position 2. This is repeated for all the fielders.

The drill is then repeated in the opposite direction (2-1-3).

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I am trying as cricket coach , to coach other coaches some fielding drills to practice with the boys. I can't find any and up-to-date drills to download and help the coaches.
Please help.

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