How to analyse your bowling action with some chalk | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to analyse your bowling action with some chalk


Every fast bowler knows that a 'mixed' action is a recipie for lower back injuries. If you don't have a video camera, how can you tell if your action is mixed?

In this video, filmed at Activate Cricket Centre in Sydney, we look at how a simple piece of chalk can be just as effective if you know how to use it. Learn how you can find out if your shoulders and hips are properly aligned in your action and reduce your chance of injury.

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Very Helpful. Thanks

Which part of the body would you correct if there is a mixed action, the back foot landing, or the upper body?

Thanks for the comment MS. I think most coaches will firstly try and alter the upper body as the muscles are a bit smaller than the leg muscles(glutes, hamstrings, quads) and closer to the head. For both these reasons, changing the position of the shoulders is easier to alter than the position of the hips.
Having said that, sometimes it is as simple as asking the bowler to land with his toes pointing in a different direction (ie squarer or straighter)
Every case must be looked at individually and coaches must monitor the changes made regularly so that the athlete does not fall back into his old action - particularly when he is fatigued or under pressure - which is exactly when injuries can occur!

That's very helpful John, Thank you.

This video is quite useful for spotting a problem but having spotted the problem how do you suggest one goes about changing a bowling action? Do you just walk through it then jog through it and so on? how long would it take to completely change?

Yes, the secret is to change the upper half as that is much easier. A simple coaching point is to get the side on bowler to look outside his or her arm, the front on bowler looks inside the arm.