How to improve your technique | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

How to improve your technique

Are you looking to improve your technique to play better cricket? You may be looking in the wrong place.

I get a lot of emails asking how I can improve players technique. I love them all, but often the answer is nothing to do with technique at all.

For me, good technique is not something you can learn by the copybook or by getting advice from a coach who has never seen you play. It's a natural consequence of other factors.

After all, if you have been playing for any length of time, you will no doubt have a reasonable technique anyway, what you might be neglecting are the factors that good technique is built on:

Without these things you can have the most wonderful bowling action or cover drive and never be able to use them in a match effectively.

So before you take apart your technique, remember the other factors that makes successful cricketers.

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