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How to Join PitchVision Academy

One of the most common questions we get sent in to PitchVision Academy is, "how do I join?"

But before I get into detail, I want to clear up a common confusion: Unlike most Academies around the world, PitchVision Academy is an online Academy only.

Online Cricket Academy

That means there is no intake and no phsyical location for you to attend.

It also means we have no overheads from facilities and equipment. We can throw our resources into tracking down the best quality coaches the world offers. There are currently well over 30 experienced coaches and guest coaches covering everything from technique and tactics, through strength and conditioning, to mental game.

All this delivered to your computer through our e-learning system.

Example screenshot of the interactive PitchVision Academy e-learning system.

We can even offer one-to-one advice if that's what you need.

But if there is no coach barking instructions at you from the back of the net, how are you supposed to learn how to become a cricketer?

Read on and all will become clear.

Passing the trial

As you know, without a physical academy we can't hold traditional trials. But we do want to be able to try each other on for size. PitchVision Academy is very inclusive, but you have to have the right level of personal drive and self-motivation to make it.

So our "trial" is slightly different to most.

We ask you to do three things,

  • Search for your specific advice. The PitchVision Academy archive has hundreds of articles, videos and audio guides available for free. Many times you can find tips and drills you can put into action right away that solve your exact problem. Click here to search.
  • Get your weekly lessons. Once you are focused in on solving your main issues, the next step is to get the free newsletter for more general advice. It's delivered to your email inbox every Friday and is full of the latest advice. Click here to subscribe for free.
  • Listen to the coaches. You can also build up a personal relationship with the coaching team at PitchVision Academy through the weekly Cricket Show. The audio coaching guide is 30 minutes a week from the best PitchVision Academy has to offer. Click here to get the show on your computer or mp3 player.

If you make it through those three steps for a couple of weeks and you are still enjoying and learning, congratuations you have passed the Academy trial.

Academy training courses

Once you are through the trial, it's time to become serious about PitchVision Academy improving your game.

And yes, to show you are serious you do have to put dowm some cash. We are proud to have some incredible coaching names on the staff here and those guys don't come cheap.

Unlike most Academies we don't charge large fees for membership and we don't have any annual subscription. You pay for what you want and you get access to it forever.

Simple and highly specific to your needs.

We call these "courses" and although each one is different, they are a mix of exclusive online content like streaming video, articles, worksheets, quizzes and audio guides. It's like an interactive cricket coaching book.

Go to the cricket coaching page here, and choose the course that best matches what you want to acheieve. Each course has a page explaining what the course can do for you.

You can search through the coaches and categories to get to something you want.

Say, for example, you are a budding middle order batsman with an aggressive style. You want to improve your skills in Twenty20 cricket but you know traditional coaching books are limited to the old fashioned ways. How about a couple of hours in the company of Kevin Pietersen showing you exactly how he did it with his streaming videos and eBook?

If you are not a batter, you can look through the courses and find keeping, bowling and fielding courses alongside more general courses.

After you have enrolled on the course that is right for you, you get,

  • Lifetime unlimted access, 24/7 so you can choose your pace and times.
  • No waiting, with online delivery you get instant access to ad-free advice.
  • Everything about that topic in one place; no searching online for hours for a grainy video clip.
  • Reliable sources, all our coaches are hand-picked for knowledge and experience.

It's a rich, interactive place for you to learn from the best.

Academy Fees

The costs of joining the Academy are specifically set low enough that you can get exactly what you need without overpaying.

If you are happy with the free content (and it is the best there is online) then we are happy to have you along for as long as you want.

If you want to step up and pay, courses are priced slightly more than a DVD or book, but slightly less than one-to-one coaching with a qualified coach in your area.

Additionally, If you pay the optional one-off membership fee, you get a 30% discount on most courses as well as getting access to your data on PitchVision systems. We partner with a large number of "real life" Academies like C Cube and Cricket Asylum if you need somewhere to practice and track performance.

Whatever option you choose, you can only do well in cricket if you train hard and train right, and by joining PitchVision Academy you are taking that important first step in building up your knowledge.


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Hello mr. David
As you know I am a wrist spinner but the southpaw version (left arm chinaman) Once I read Peter Philpot’s book on the art of wrist spin bowling I improved drastically and I am now at my peak of success, however I am 100% sure that there is NO and there never WILL be a book filled with the knowledge of a left arm wrist spinner passing down tactics or strategies or anything like that. What really makes me sad is that even though I read that book 5 times I still can't gather even the most remote tips on bowling left arm wrist spin. Yes there are a lot of sources for tactics when bowling to left handed batsmen as a right arm leg spinner but they are vague and work on the principle that you will only bowl to about 18 left handers out of 100, but because I am left handed I can only turn the ball way from 18 out of a 100 people with my leg break. It’s depressing and I can't stand it anymore, doesn't anyone care about left arm wrist spinners? Do you know any coach in the world who can teach tactics and strategies and help chinamans become better bowlers? And is there 1 article out of the thousands on discussing the art of left arm wrist spin and its intricacies?

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