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Brain power: Discover your learning style and accelerate your cricket performance

Have you given serious thought to how you learn?

Your ability to master new skills is directly related to how well you do on the cricket pitch.  But when it comes to learning we are all different.

There is no one way to learn anything, cricket is exactly the same.

If you can tap into your unique learning style you will be able to develop your technique, mental game, and athleticism faster than you ever thought possible.  

Get it wrong and you are stuck in the slow lane of learning while others move ahead.

What is learning style?

If you are used to one type of coaching or teaching, you might be surprised to learn that different people learn in different ways.

Some people can be told how to do something once and be able to do it. Some need diagrams and demonstrations. Others need to roll up their sleeves and try it until they get it right.

You may need some combination of these to have the best effect.

According to Memletics (an accelerated learning company) there are 7 different styles:

  • Visual. Learning by seeing. Visual learners learn best through written words, pictures, images and colours.
  • Aural. Learning by listening. Aural learners understand best when described things and usually have good mental arithmetic skills.
  • Verbal. Learning by talking. Verbal learners like to talk through problems and solutions.
  • Physical. Learning by doing. Physical learners like to try things and get a feel for doing something (kinaesthetic learning). They try, and sometimes fail, themselves rather than following instructions.
  • Logical. Logical learners like to adapt as they go in a clear progressive manner. Some go from specific to general (inductive) others go from the big picture to specifics (deductive).
  • Social. Learns with others. Social learners are best discussing ideas through. They enjoy being with and helping others.
  • Solitary. Learns alone. Solitary learners like to think things through themselves. They will bring ideas to a group only if they have worked them out beforehand.

What's your unique learning style?

Hopefully just by reading about the different styles you will have a broad idea of how you learn. But we want to get more specific than that. This is where we turn back to Memletics again.

You can download their excellent learning style assessment sheet that asks you a few simple questions then tells you exactly what your own learning style is.

Download the file from here (Right click, Save target as...)

All you need to do then is start adapting your plan to fit your style.

Good coaches have instinctively known this for years. They naturally adapt their coaching style to match your learning style.

What if you don't have a good coach, or don't have a coach at all?

Online coaching can meet your learning needs

An online coach can help you develop and fill the gap. By coaching and teaching you in ways you can understand more quickly you can get ahead of the pack.

Need a diagram? A video? An audio description? Discussion with those in a similar situation? Interactive online coaching is the way to go.

Put simply, online coaching will help you learn how to get more runs and wickets so you can be the best player you can possibly be.

That's where PitchVision Academy comes in. It's an online coaching tool that is launching shortly. Stay tuned to find out more soon.

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Sounds good David, I'm looking forward to hearing more about the coaching tool. In Ireland it's difficult to find a coach that will do regular sessions with adults, so this could be quite useful. Did the test - logical and aural won out, with visual and solitary following up ... does sound like me.

It would be interesting to know others results to see if there is a 'type' or not. I'll keep you in the loop edladd.