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It’s an exciting week coming up.

On Monday 19th September you can finally find out the secrets of international cricket. Like you, I always wondered just how much harder life is when you are playing for your country, or with massive IPL crowds baying for you to score runs.

These are things that JP Duminy has experienced first-hand; and now he is revealing - step-by-step - how he took the path from playing in the street to scoring hundreds for South Africa.

And newsletter readers are getting first refusal: You can pick up your copy of his online coaching here. There is nowhere else you can get such a deep insight inot the professional game.

Of course there is plenty of other content for you, including a unique idea to get yourself back in form and simple ways to build big batting partnerships.

Have a great weekend, 

David Hinchliffe

Hit the Ground Running: JP Duminy Launches Exclusive Online Coaching
South African International batsman JP Duminy today announced a major new coaching course revealing his never-before demonstrated batting secrets – all delivered online at PitchVision Academy.
And there is plenty to learn from one of the most exciting talents in modern cricket: JP broke into the Western Province at just 18 before being selected for South Africa at 20. He is an IPL superstar and was valued at the last auction at a reserve busting $950,000.
Speaking about the course JP said, “I always appreciated the coaching and advice I got when I was growing up. It’s a huge part of my success and now I want to give something back. This course is my way of doing that by showing exactly how I succeeded and the plans I have to stay at the top.” 
“The exciting part about it is that it is far more than you can get from a coaching book or 2 minute video clip. It’s a complete step-by-step online course using videos, downloadable guides and drill worksheets; so cricketers of all ages and skill levels can copy the technical, tactical and mental methods that I use." 
“I’m thrilled to give back to the game by giving my fans the chance to follow in my footsteps into international cricket.”
The course is available for instant access on 19th September 2011. A free preview of the course is available now here.

Cricket Show 129: JP Duminy

International superstar batsman JP Duminy is the interviewee on the show to celebrate the launch of his brand new coaching courses.

The courses, entitled Hit the Ground Running give a unique and exclusive insight into the success of one of cricket’s most exciting stars. Listen in to the interview to find out more about the challenges he faces and how you can emulate him. 

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Out of Form... Open the Batting

Why would anyone try to go up the order and face the demons of the new ball if they are out of form?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds.

Think back to a period of games where you have declared yourself out of form.

The symptoms vary: lack of footwork, late timing and poor shot selection; often many put together.

You need time to get your eye back in and rebuild your shattered confidence.

The request of “a quick 30” from your skipper would be near impossible for someone out of form and would only give false hope if successful.

But opening the innings allows you to do cautiously build a platform at a steady pace. 

It’s something I realised during my own batting slump last season.

I found myself stranded in the pond of no form with no paddle and I knew the only way to get out of it was to roll my sleeves up and get my hands wet.

I am a firm believer of going back to basics when things become difficult, so I worked on the simple philosophy of staying in the middle and batting time.

 I identified 3 key shots as the only shots I would play in my innings; the forward defensive, the backwards defensive and the straight drive

I knew my safest way to accumulate runs was the straight drive. This was my scoring option.

The two defensive shots were there to allow me to bat, bat and bat some more.

I asked the skipper if I could open the batting.

His reply was ‘Are you sure?’

I was confident in my ability not to stick around if I stuck to those 3 key shots. 

If I remember, I think I batted for a decent time and only reached 29. It was dour to be perfectly frank.

But it felt like a ton knowing I grafted that score consciously and off the back of several ducks.

The next game I opened again, and after 15 or so overs of crease occupation, I unknowingly started to cut, pull, sweep, glance and flick. 

Batting became instinctive again.
I realised form isn’t something to protect and cherish; instead you need to enjoy its company when you have the chance. 
Now I acknowledge the presence of form when I don’t have it. Then, I just accept it and identify what I need to do to find it again.  
And if that is to brave the terrors of opening, so be it.

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Use Purposeful Practice to Become a Better Cricketer

This is a guest article by club cricketer Brian Wardle

I recently read Bounce: a book by Mathew Syed, who believes everyone has the ability to be successful.

How to Build Big Batting Partnerships

This is a guest article from experienced club cricketer AB

Batting partnerships are crucial to the success of a batting side: a good partnership completely changes the momentum of a game.

Two or three good partnerships is enough to win the match.


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