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We like to spend time putting together fresh ideas from new angles here in the newsletter. So Mark Garaway's article on TRAM and old fashioned bowling boots really got the team going this week.

We also discuss how to avoid Gambhir's batting mistake, thumbs and the long toss.

It's the coaching book out of the window again. You are welcome.

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What a TRAM And a Pair of Bowling Boots Will do to Your Fast Bowler's KPH


We check fast bowling actions, wrist positions and are fastidious with their strength and conditioning.

Yet do we check their shoes?

In the world of lighter trainers, spiking up basketball boots and the insistence on all fast bowlers being able to run around the field quickly, the world of cricket has neglected the thing that the fast bowlers of past generations often speak about with intense passion; their feet and their shoes!

Australian Fast Bowler, Geoff Lawson and England Great, Andy Caddick were both religious in the maintenance of their most vital bit of kit.

A batter takes care of his most important piece of kit, the bat, so fast bowlers should look after theirs too; their boots and their feet.

Both fast bowling greats insisted on heavy and highly supportive high ankled bowling boots as they realised that their performance and health was largely determined by how their feet worked as they hit the crease.

With up to 10 times your body weight going up through the body, the spine in particular at point of release, it is vital that those highly significant forces are absorbed and dissipated to both positively influence the transfer of momentum up the body to save it from injury.

follow the TRAM rule of absorbing force by increasing the following points:

  • Time
  • Range
  • Area
  • Mass

The bigger the base of the boot, the more contact with the ground and more time is created to absorb those forces.

So the combination of a heel to toe strike followed by the whole heavy (mass) footplate of fast bowling boot on your having contact with the ground will increase the time for the force to be dissipated.

Add a pair or two of thick socks and you increase the area of the foot so that that force is absorbed.

With the forces being absorbed effectively by their heavy bowling boots and thick socks whilst spreading the impact across the full range of the footplate, a bowler is more likely to be able to stabilise their front leg.

This stabilised leg positively impacts on the pace of the ball as momentum is transferred up the legs and into the hips effectively. In order to transfer momentum into the hips, the legs need to decelerate and stabilise their movement before transfer.

So if you have got a bowler who should be quick yet doesn't snap their hips like a Brett Lee, Alan Donald or Dennis Lillee then:

  1. Firstly look at their footwear.
  2. Then promote a heel to toe strike on front foot land (if not already in evidence)
  3. Which in turn promotes the stabilisation of the Front leg and effective transfer of momentum into the pelvis/hips

See how that impacts upon ball pace. You could have a winner on your hands!

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Every Cricketer Uses Sport Psychology

"Visualisation" is an often misunderstood part of every cricketer's preparation. At a recent Twenty20 tournament, I discuss the common sense approach to sport psychology.

If you can't see the video above, click here.

You can find out more about how to use psychology in practical ways that work on the online coaching course How to Use Mental Training to Boost Your Game. Everything you need to boost your game by 80% in one online place.

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Cricket Show 191: Long Toss for Cricket

The cricket coaching chat continues apace as Burners, Mark Garaway and David Hinchliffe discuss the "long toss" for cricket (if you have tried it, get in touch).

Plus we talk about 13 year olds facing 140kph bouncers, and the possibility of making it big purely from TV and online coaching.

It's cracking flags every week on the show.


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How Avoid Gambhir's Mistake When Batting With the Tail

Gautum Gambhir is a fine batsman, but he got severe criticism from many quarters in the Test against England for being a selfish player.

When batting with the tail, Gambhir decided to play defensively scoring 6 runs in 27 balls. He combined this block with little effort to farm the strike and protect the weaker batters.

It got Shane Warne all hot and bothered.

Thumb Position for Serious Swing Bowling

Serious Cricket continue with the tips. This time it's England's Chris Silverwood to talk swing bowling.

There are a lot of ways to grip the ball to make it swing. It varies a lot because different bowler's have different positions for the seam to match their action.

Plus, the condition of the ball varies.

However, one thing that you can rely on is your thumb position.


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