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Put a stake in the ground for this week's newsletter, as not only do we announce "Finisher" Michael Bevan as our latest coach on the site, but we also notch up Cricket Show 200 with a huge celebration. It's a red letter edition that awaits you, so settle in and fill yourself with elite cricket knowledge.

Plus we also talk off spin slips with Menno Gazendam and fast bowling for weaklings. Something for everyone!

Have a a great weekend,

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EXCLUSIVE: Michael Bevan Becomes PitchVision Academy "Finisher"


World's Best ODI Batsman Launches New and Exclusive Online Batting Course

Ask most people about Michael Bevan and they will say one thing: The consumate finisher in one day cricket. THE batsman who can calmly see you home under great pressure.

Click here for full details.

That's why we are delighted to official announce Bevan's first ever guide to batting success right here on PitchVision Academy.

The course will be available on 20th March 2013, and to give you a taster we will be running free preview content right up until launch day.

And what a treat you have in store. We visited Bevan in Sydney and spent a day with him to get on film the method that allowed him - time and time again - to win matches from almost impossible situations with the bat. We captured the whole thing on high quality cameras.

Like when he took Australia from 38/6 to victory against a West Indies side feating Ambrose and Walsh

Some would say Bevan is a genius who has unmatchable talent. But the fact is, you can emulate his success by teaching yourself his philosophies of practice, mental approach and tactical ideas.

Finisher is an insight into the mind of Michael Bevan's batting. The videos in the course are designed to give practical, common-sense advice to developing batsmen from a player who has had highs, lows and became the finest ODI batsmen in the world.

As part of the Finisher Masterclass streaming videos and interactive guide on PitchVision Academy, you will learn:

  • Picking line and length and choosing your shot
  • How to make the most of practice
  • Dealing with mistakes
  • Developing successful routines and personal game plans
  • Minimising risk while scoring at the required rate

The course presents Bevan’s solution online, in one place and offers the complete guide to becoming a modern finisher.

Unlike a traditional coaching manual or DVD, enrolees can interact with each other, take on the advice and video tips and apply them immediately by using the included personalised worksheets.

It's a Masterclass in the truest use of "master".

Remember the course is available from 20th March. Until then, make sure you are subscribed to the PitchVision Academy newsletter for free, exclusive tips direct from Michael Bevan's course.

Find more details at Michael Bevan's Exclusive Finisher page here on PitchVision Academy.

Cricket Show S4 Episode 7: 200 Up!

It's the 200th episode, so we theme the show around reaching the milestone from Jason Gillespie to the chances of scoring daddy hundreds in club cricket. Tears and laughter guaranteed with every listen!

And we take a stroll down memory lane with one of the earliest show contributors making a return.

Finally, we answer your questions on plyometrics for fast bowlers and form in nets, giving away another prize for the best question.


How to Send in Your Questions

If you want to win a cricket coaching prize, you need to send in your burning questions to the show. If your question is the best one we give you a free online cricket coaching course!

Send in your questions via:

Or you can call and leave your question on the Academy voice mail:

UK +44 (0) 208 816 7691

AUST: +61 (02) 8005 7925

USA: +1 347 722 1981

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Quick Tip: Bowling Fast for Weaklings

I might be a bit harsh on Faiaz calling him a weakling, but here is what he said about himself,

"Can you teach me how to bowl fast? I am a weak person with not much strength so bowling short pitched deliveries and even good lengths seems a gift for batsman because they get ample time to hit me. It will be my pleasure if you give me few ideas about bowling fast being a weak person."

The batters are kicking sand in your face Faiaz. It's time to fight back.

Not with Charles Atlas, but you will need to get strong. As Steffan Jones says, brutally strong in your own bodyweight.

Strength is the baseline for generating force. Strength time speed equals power and the more power you can put into the ball, the faster it comes out.

That said, you need a good action too. But a good action is useless without the strength to use it.

So get working out. Maybe it's the gym, maybe its press ups in your room, anything to get started building up strength.

You can get more complex later, but start today with something to improve your bodies ability to make force.

It's the quickest way to get quick.

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What Pune Warriors Teach Us About Avoiding Failure

Pune Warriors had two awful IPL seasons, finishing second last in 2011 then topping it with the wooden spoon in 2012.

There has been much discussion in Pune around the reasons (and excuses), but whatever the details, there are a few principles you can pick up for your own team.

Here's how to make sure you don't emulate Pune Warriors double IPL failure.

Off Spin Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for When to Use A Slip

Menno Gazendam is author of Spin Bowling Project. Get your free 8 week spin bowling course here.

Chances are you don't need a slip.


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