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Nathan Bracken - swing bowling master - joins the team with a brand new masterclass video series. If you coach or bowl swing, this is an unmissable insight from one of the best.

Plus the newsletter is packed with other tips, including how to chase down big totals, a new workout for bowlers and a guide to becoming a professional cricketer.

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Buy Nathan Bracken's Swing Bowling Masterclass on PitchVision Academy


I'm delighted to announce that the online Swing Bowling Masterclass courses are now open to purchase, exclusively on PitchVision Academy.

As you know, a few weeks ago we announced that Nathan Bracken was producing his first ever online coaching courses. And since then excitement has built up around the things you can learn from the Aussie international.

Now the wait is over, Swing Bowling Masterclass is available to purchase on PitchVision Academy.

Click here to enrol on the online coaching course.

Get them while they are hot.


All the streaming videos on the courses are professionally produced and the content is split to make it totally relevant to your needs:

The courses are fully interactive and have been designed to teach you to teach yourself. Worksheets allow you to customise the advice to your specific situation so you can make the most of every training session and bowl under pressure.

The members-only forums also allow you to chat and interact with others enrolled on the course. You are only in the inner-circle when you purchase a course.

Click here for more information and to be one of the first to purchase.

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How to Chase Down Big Totals

The definition of a big total in 1-day cricket has changed hugely over the years. 5 an over used to be considered impossible when I started playing the game. Now 8 an over in the last 10 is a walk in the park with some teams and, in particular, some batters.

Here are some tips to chasing down huge totals.

1. Constant intent to score

I was always taught that you need to score quickly in whatever the chasing situation as your always only two balls from the score to look completely different as a result of two "bang, bang" dismissals.

A safe 50-1 off 15 can quickly shift to a match losing 50-3 off 15.2 and the context of the game has turned 180 degrees.

Whereas 80-3 at the same time gives the new batters some breathing time as you are only one partnership away from winning the game at a canter.

2. Duckworth-Lewis is your friend

Duckworth-Lewis (DL) is not only for rain affected matches, it tells us exactly where we are in any chasing situation.

Study the DL charts and you will note that the run chase goes up in patterns - even when chasing 280 - as each partnership builds. Bit by bit the total gets reeled in under formulaic control.

Most scoring apps incorporate DL on iPads and laptops so schools and clubs around the globe can take advantage of this ODI tip.

3. Moorsey's Plastic Cup Trick

Peter Moores, the Lancashire and England Coach used to line up plastic cups on a table or window sill, one for each 10 runs needed in the run-chase. Someone would knock of a cup every time we got 10 runs.

This broke the challenge down to tangible and manageable chunks. It made it possible, controllable and it was amazing how many times it worked!

Try these and see if they work for your side.

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Cricket Show S4 Episode 18: Nathan Bracken

Ntahn Bracken celebrates his new online Swing Bowling Masterclass with an audio interview as the headline of this week's Cricket Show.

Mark Garaway, former England analyst, joins David Hinchliffe for the rest of the show. Among the usual fun we discuss the coaching angle of Champion's Trophy squads, attacking the short ball and skaeboarding.

Yes, really.

Download the show to your phone or just click play in the browser for half an hour of audio cricket goodness.


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Beginner Bodyweight Workout for Swing Bowlers

This series is part of the Cricket Fitness Workouts series. For the full list, click here.

Making a cricket ball swing is a skill that doesn't require extreme fitness. You need skill, you need technique and you need tactical nous.

But you still need to be fit, even if your skill lies in swing more than pace. This is because you firstly need to be injury-free and secondly you want to have the stamina to bowl and field without losing focus.

How to Become a Cricketer: The Complete Guide

One of the more frequently asked questions by readers here at PitchVision Academy is "how do I become a professional cricketer?"

It's a simple question, asked by many from 11 year old youngsters just starting their journey to hardened guys in their late 20s still looking for a chance to shine in cricket.

It's a question most common in India and Pakistan, but we also hear it from every country with a professional setup (and some even without one).

The answer is never simple though.


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