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The PitchVision Academy has been quiet this week with most people on seasonal holidays. It's been a week where we have reflected on 2009, shown you how you can get free coaching and remembered some of our biggest controversies.

We hope 2009 was as fun and successful for you as it was for us, and that 2010 is even better.

Have a great year,


David Hinchliffe

Improve your fast bowling with the 3 knee drill

Fast bowling coach Ian Pont reveals another free fast bowling drill to improve your cricket.

This video is a free sample of Ian Pont's How to Bowl Faster online training course. If you like the video, you can purchase the rest of the course and get instant access.

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The spirit of giving: Free cricket coaching from PitchVision Academy

As you know, PitchVision Academy coaching courses are the most comprehensive guides to improving your game featuring some of the best experts in their fields.

For a while now we have been giving away some free samples of what you can get when you invest in an online coaching course, so I thought it was time to collect all these free samples in one place for you to enjoy without having to search through the archives.

If you enjoy the free samples you can buy the full length courses here.

Free batting tips
Free bowling tips
Other free cricket tips

All these tips and tricks are free parts of longer courses. I will add to this list as we give away more content, so keep checking back or subscribe to get them sent to you for free.


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The 7 best controversies of the year

Everyone loves a controversy. And in 2009 some things got people riled on this site. Let's find out what caused the rumpus in cricket coaching, tactics and fitness.

Each article is still open for comment, so if you have something to say, follow the links and leave your thoughts on the page.

1. The rise of number 11

Back in June we wrote about a suggestion I had been mulling over for a while: Should the worst batsman be at number 11? I thought perhaps not, but AD called the suggestion 'ridiculous' and Ando said it was a negative tactic. Head over to the article and leave a comment letting us know what you think.

2. What's fitness got to do with it?

March saw England take the controversial step of dropping Samit Patel for not reaching fitness standards and we wrote about how to avoid that fate. The article stirred up the old debate of how important non-cricketing measures are to a player. Peter thought the issue was about PR not performance while John Hurley defended the need for peak fitness to get more runs and wickets.

3. Deathmatch: KP verses Sir Viv

Gary Palmer compared the techniques of Kevin Pietersen and Viv Richards in March. Alongside the comparison Gary suggested some technical changes KP should make. A commenter and KP fan leapt to his defence and said "Pietersen has the technically most correct straight drive in the English team." Whereas John Steele thought KP's problem was that he was unable to balance innovation with orthodoxy like Richards could.

4. Wicketkeeping is easy, isn't it?

This article was all about the headline. The point was that of all specialist skills wicketkeeping was least difficult (although still pretty tricky). Wicketkeepers disagreed, including Liam who said the argument was "simplistic and ignorant". What do you think?

5. Throwing down the stumps. Or not.

In August we discussed the idea of returning the ball to the keeper every time, or just when needed. We firmly came down on the old fashioned view this time. However, the article prompted an interesting discussion in the comments section about throwing technique and tactics. You can still join in if you have a view.

6. Dura-band

Duraband cricket was launched in September and we looked it over, giving an opinion on the effectiveness of the tool for fitness. We were sceptical, but promised to delve into it further. The article prompted a long response from one of the men involved in the development of Duraband, Dr. Brian Hagen. We posted his arguments without further comment as we felt he had a right to reply.

I wasn't convinced by Dr Hagen's comments at the time but we are nothing if not fair and open minded and so are still testing the product. The proof of any training tool is how well it works on improving performance and reducing injury in the real world. That's what we aim to find out in 2010.

7. Crunch off!

In October we attacked some common exercises that cricketers could do without. Crunches caused the biggest argument with Vishii saying the exercise made him stronger and faster. John told us that gravity doesn't push you down and called the article 'ridiculous'. Craig also tried to defend the BOSU ball. Where do you stand?

That's all the controversy for 2009. What will the coming year bring? Stay tuned to find out.


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How to bat against spin

This is a guest post by Laurie Ward from The Complete Cricketer Academy in Cape Town, South Africa.

A good spinner is an attacking bowler. He not only can reduce the run rate but pick up wickets. With the correct mindset, concentration and approach a batsman can put the pressure back onto even the best spinner and his captain.

Cricket Show 62: Senyo Nyakutse co-hosts

The New Year edition of the show sees Senyo Nyakutse in the co-host chair. Gary Palmer gives the lowdown on batting again and David interviews former England analyst Mark Garaway about coaching in Ireland.

Finally we answer your questions. Topics in the show include:


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