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11 Jul 08 at 07:33
Found something that is broken on the site? Post it here

If you find any broken links or other stuff that does not work on the site, please post it here so we can get it fixed.

Hopefully there is not much to find now, but if so, let me know


06 Sep 08 at 22:22

Hi Dave, Your all year fitness plan does not download if you "right hand click and save target as"


07 Sep 08 at 09:15

Thanks Dave, I'll take a look.

15 Oct 08 at 11:08

I have updated the plan and you can get it from here.

15 Oct 08 at 13:08

Many links on some of the pages take you to the home page. One thing common to them ll is that the web address shows "" (xxx stands for some number); instead of what the links that do work show"" (xxx-xxxx-xxx-xxxx stands for the name of the page). I will give a few example of such pages as i keep coming across more of them.

15 Oct 08 at 14:38

Great stuff Drhuv, just list the pages the error is on and I will do the rest.

16 Oct 08 at 13:21

one of them is -
in which the link "building fitness from scrach" is in error.
I will keep sending you more as i find them.

16 Oct 08 at 13:23

in fact all links on that page are in error. please correct them ASAP.

17 Oct 08 at 07:03

Another page -
all links here are also in error.

17 Oct 08 at 07:50

I'll fix them Dhruv, ASAP is a bit much, but I'll get on it!

17 Oct 08 at 12:08

and another page with all links in error...

17 Oct 08 at 16:43

Great stuff, keep them coming and I'll post here when corrected.

18 Oct 08 at 10:44 is now fixed although the information is a little bit out of date. I may have to rewrite parts of it.

18 Oct 08 at 14:38

as i said; many are in error. i found another one -
I'll keep giving you more as i find them.

19 Oct 08 at 10:02

Thanks Dhruv, please do. Every one you post will be fixed.

20 Oct 08 at 12:47 is fixed now.

20 Oct 08 at 12:58

I found another one-

20 Oct 08 at 15:06

I'll keep you busy - one more-

20 Oct 08 at 15:21

and another one-

21 Oct 08 at 06:07

I'm on it. Any more?

21 Oct 08 at 14:01 is fixed.

21 Oct 08 at 14:04 is fixed

21 Oct 08 at 14:12 is fixed

21 Oct 08 at 14:19

Another one fixed here: for a lie down!

21 Oct 08 at 16:28

The final on so far is fixed here:

22 Oct 08 at 07:11

one more for you-

22 Oct 08 at 07:12

also, thanks for fixing all the pages you have fixed here!

22 Oct 08 at 07:16

+1 more-

22 Oct 08 at 13:37

(again) one more

23 Oct 08 at 08:15


04 Nov 08 at 17:39 is fixed now.

05 Nov 08 at 12:34

Is there any way to change your profile stuff on the forum? Like password, avatar etc? Can't seem to find a CP


06 Nov 08 at 13:06

Things are pretty limited at the moment Ed. When the forum gets busier we should ba able to do more whizzy stuff!

11 Nov 08 at 13:44

How to run an effective net 2 is now fixed

11 Nov 08 at 16:57

Here’s a quick way to combine nets with fitness is now fixed.

12 Nov 08 at 13:22

Cricketer skills assessment: Free skills sheet is now fixed.

12 Nov 08 at 13:32

i think that is all at the moment. Please do tell me if you find any more.

09 Jan 09 at 13:08

I have registered but it wont let me login

25 Jan 09 at 15:20

10 Apr 10 at 20:20

It's not on the site but for iTunes on iPhone you can't buy the show, it comes up with the pitchvision show but you can't actually get it.

11 Apr 10 at 07:21

Thanks Wendel, I'll take a look. Just need to track down in iPhone.

11 May 10 at 18:55

OK it's working now.

12 May 10 at 07:56

Found it very hard to find how to Register. And now that I am registered it is not offering me the members price on the "Ian Pont" package. Ie instead of

12 May 10 at 09:23

 Hi Magnus, sorry to hear that. Can you talk me through where you started out and roughly where you looked to become a member?Also, what do you count as a member?

21 Jun 10 at 10:59

Another one in error:

29 Jun 10 at 14:46

 OK this one is all fixed. 

24 Aug 10 at 15:06

23 Sep 10 at 09:33

and this one:

17 Nov 10 at 05:04

this one in error too..

26 Nov 10 at 13:59

The lazy bowler's guide to a better average is fixed.

26 Nov 10 at 14:05

This is now fixed.

26 Nov 10 at 14:06

The other one posted was this thread, so it doesn't need fixing!