Streetwise Bowling: Your Guide to Planning the Destruction of Batsmen | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Streetwise Bowling: Your Guide to Planning the Destruction of Batsmen

Every bowler needs a plan.

For most, especially the inexperienced, it doesn't get more complicated than "hit the top of off stump". Of course, there is nothing wrong with that plan. It often works. But batsmen are canny. They don't always do what you want.

That's why the really good bowler is able to bowl to a plan that goes beyond the basics and into the wicket-taking stratosphere.

This series - Streetwise Bowling - is about helping you make bowling to a plan a reality by giving you the tactics of success. Of course, it's all nothing without pinpoint accuracy and high skill levels. But with dedicated practice you can achieve that ability.

Here are the tactics. Don't forget to subscribe or check on this page as we add new ones over time.

Leg Spin

Finger Spin

Pace Bowling

More to follow, stay tuned...

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Nice series of articles you have started was waiting for it for a long time........

Really amped for this seris. Keep up with these awesome articles.