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The batting coach: Kevin Pietersen vs. Viv Richards

Gary Palmer, the PitchVision Academy batting coach, continues his series on the techniques of some of the England team.  He has some ideas for positive changes that will benefit Kevin Pietersen's performance. If you would like coaching from Gary, check out CCM Academy.

Kevin Pietersen is already a very successful International batsman. What technical changes would he need to become to step up a further level and gain the reputation that Sir Vivian Richards has?

The Great West Indian batsman had the perfect technique and was probably the most destructive batsman the world has ever seen. He was well balanced, well aligned and on completion of shot his finished positions were excellent. When he wanted to improvise there was nobody better at doing this than Sir Vivian Richards.

He attached his individual flare on to a sound basic technique. Even when he hit a straight ball through mid –wicket; he did it by swinging the bat in a straight line towards the ball with a high leading elbow. All he did was to close the face on impact with the ball which is a low risk shot.

Viv had the perfect defence and was the master of milking the bowling with minimum risk of getting out. Viv always looked comfortable and in total control when he was batting.

Viv batted at no 3 and played in an era abundant with world-class fast bowlers and had the ultimate technique to deal with them. The better the bowler the better the batting technique needs to become to combat the bowler. Viv had that technique and minimised the bowler’s options of getting him out or tying him down.

He made batting look easy because he was biomechanically sound.

How does this compare to Kevin Pietersen?
Richards vs. Pietersen

Kevin has a good eye. He is very good at improvising, has plenty of self-belief and he is not afraid to take on challenging run chase situations or take risks. These are similarities he has with Viv Richards.

Unlike Sir Viv, his Initial trigger move causes him to be closed off as illustrated here:

This causes his backswing to go back over leg stump and from that position it difficult to hit the ball towards mid off and straight extra cover without compromising a straight bat path to the ball and target area. From the initial position he gets in to after his trigger he is well aligned to hit through the covers but to hit through mid on he has to hit across the line of the ball giving the bowler a chance of getting him out.

His preferred scoring areas are generally squarer rather than straighter in the v. These are higher risk options because he is playing across the line with half a bat. When he does hit the ball through mid on he hits it from on or outside off-stump by it hitting across his front pad and the line of the ball, this makes him vulnerable of being LBW or bowled. As you can see here:

This also inhibits his scoring areas when he is trying to milk the bowling especially against spin bowling.

He is out of alignment and so the law of averages are not in his favour. All his options are high risk ones.

On flat pitches against lesser bowlers he will get away with it. Against world class bowling in more difficult conditions it is difficult and risky because the bat does not swing in a straight line from backswing to target area for long enough.

How Pietersen can improve his consistency

Kevin would be able to occupy the crease longer and work the ball around better if his bat swings in a straight line to the target area and he is perfectly aligned and balanced.

1.  Work on his trigger move

Kevin moves to early and is static before the ball is bowled. Instead he could go back and across which will automatically open him up slightly. This will give him access to hit in the v and delay planting his front foot until he has slighted the line of the ball. This movement will give him more rhythm and will get him back up in to the shot well balanced and aligned rather than tipping across to the off side. The movement looks like this:

2. Correct his alignment

The alignment of his feet and shoulders need to be in line so the bat can swing in a straight line to the ball with the full face for the maximum amount of time thus lengthening his hitting zone. This would also put him in a great position to improvise from. You can see a more open alignment with this on drive:

3. Open his stance     

If Kevin stood with his shoulders slightly more open his head would up the wicket and directly above his body. This will help him with the alignment of his feet and pick the bat up over off stump more consistently. These points will allow him to hit better on drives, straight and off drives because he would be swinging the bat in a straight line to the target area without hitting around his front pad. He will also find hitting on the up much easier when driving in the v:

4. Complete his shots

Finishing his drives with exaggerated high hand and leading elbow and fully completing the correct shapes will add to his consistency of shot by lengthening his hitting zone and also he could steer the ball into gaps with more precision.

Kevin is a talented batsman choosing to bat in a complicated fashion.

Just imagine how much better he could be if he adopted a more simple and easier way of going about it. Batting at 3 could challenge him and make him raise his game by fine-tuning his technique. This is something he could do that may bring him closer to being as good as Sir Vivian Richards.

Image credit: HMN_1977

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Pietersen has the technically most correct straight drive in the English team. His initial back and across movement is countered by his forward press, and he stays in a balanced position. I don't think I've ever seen him close himself off by leaving his right foot on leg stump.

I think you're right, super, Pietersen does drive straight well when in form. Will watch his initial movements when he's on telly tomorrow.
But irrespective of that, thanks Gary for a very informative article.

I read with great interest your analysis of Kevin Pietersens batting. Watching KP in Antigua and Barbados recently I was struck by the amount of movement/fidgeting he exhibits during the bowlers approach. He was constantly flexing his knees, bending from the waist, etc. This takes his head to the offside and often, he appeared to be on the move at the point of release - basic errors which coaches of junior players would take up with their charges.
Watching clips of KP batting in the 2005 Ashes series it is noticeable that he was much more composed in his set-up during the bowlers approach/delivery.
I feel that there is pressure on KP and the England coaches to work out a way he can balance the orthodox, good basics, etc. with the more innovative aspects of his approach to batting.
At the moment his decision making appears to be faulty - a case in point here being his brief partnership with Collingwood during the England second innings in the Barbados Test. Collingwood joined KP at a time when England needed to score quickly. On a perfect wicket, Collingwood chose to play in orthodox fashion, taking quick singles, running hard for the twos and threes, and was soon adding boundaries. KP meanwhile was running through his reportoire of shuffles at the crease, attempting to hit across the line too much - in one over he swithed to left-handed for most of the deliveries
yet hardly scored a run.
Richards was a brilliant innovator; crucially, he knew when best to innovate. KP needs to develop this skill...perhaps he should have listened to Peter Moores more?

Well put John. Not the Umpire John Steele are you?

Thanks for your note David. No, not the umpire - just a humble L3 coach from the Lancashire rainforest region.

Your points are still excellent John, I hope you enjoy the site.

Samit Patel - fitness

Read the article on Samit.

David or Rob what is the fitness program that was given to Samit?

I want to know how to bat like him. could anybody tell me where there is a artical about it on the internet but if not could you tell me how to.

Erm, how about the article above?

that tells you things that he could do but most of them he already dose