The complete guide to off season and pre-season cricket training | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

The complete guide to off season and pre-season cricket training

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What training can you do when there is no cricket to play?

You have plenty of choice if you are serious about improving your game in time for the summer. This complete guide is a collection of articles that come together to show you the most effective choices you can make. It doesn't matter where you are or how short your off season. So if you are from from northern, southern or subcontinent, read on.

I have split this guide into several sections to make it easy for you to get to the information you need. If you want to know more, please contact me.

1. Planning
2. Skill and Technique
3. Strength and Conditioning
4. Weight Loss
5. Testing

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go swimming!
great to improve your lung capacity
you can mix freestyle and breaststroke for either speed or endurance
and then stretch and relax

Swimming is great recovery and off season work, especially if you are coming off a hard season.

thank god i found this! will surely read through it now...i need it since the weather here is really cold..

Hi, i would like some advise on how to improve pace, i am a medium pacer probably in the 70's in mph, but i would like to be a little quicker to get some venom into my bowling, or if not some tips on how to use medium pace to my advantage against any batsman. Thank you

If you're a wrist spinner (Leg Spinner) you need to keep practicing right through the off-season. Wrist spinning isn't easy and you need to keep on top of your game if you're going to get overs on a regular basis in the next season. Get yourself some stumps or something to use as a target. Find any open space with a good flat surface and a fence to stop the ball. I use a tennis court as it's empty during the winter. Buy yourself 6,12 or more hockey balls and practice your accuracy drills. Put a marker down in front of the off-stump and try hitting it or just turning the ball away towards the off-side. If you only bowl the Leg Break spend the winter learning how to bowl the Top-Spinner. Try and spend a couple of hours a week and you'll be in good shape come pre-season nets and with your improved accuracy and your new top-Spinner you might see more or longer spells and definitely more wickets!

you can play rugby to loose waight and rounders to practice running inbetween wickets and batting

you can go to cricket practice at dumfries cricket club at nunholm it is split up in 6 groups so you can practice with your age group and also practice with people who are as good as you.its starts every monday at 6:30 pm untill 8:00pm can go to play football which is quite often to make your fitness skills.. can start daily work out i.e by running 40-50 metres in a weekend.
3.running and jogging is a great source for weight loss and swimming as well be sure doing all this things you have to be fit and easily taking your breath comfortabely.

Hey , I'm a u17 junior .. Our season just ended and we ended it on a high .. Soo I was just wondering if I could some tips . I'm a right-hander no. 2 batsmen and need to improve on my leg-side , I've been working on throw downs . but I would like to have something more intense .