The Ultimate Guide to Video Analysis Gear and Software | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

The Ultimate Guide to Video Analysis Gear and Software

 I wrote in a previous article about using the equipment that we all have around us and the cameras on our mobile phones are more than adequate for most of our coaching needs.

So if you want to boost your feedback to your players and add a coaching application to your phone or iPad then take a look at these options that i have tried out recently.
iPhone: Cricket Coach Plus and Cricket Coach Free
Both are excellent packages that enable the user to film a player from different angles, synchronise the footage together (particularly good for bowlers) and insert angles, lines and shapes on the screen to highlight points to your players. You can then email the footage to your players for review.
iPad: Cricket Coach Plus HD
This is the bigger brother of the two applications for the iPhone and offers greater clarity on the excellent iPad screen. The increased screen size is very good when giving instant feedback to the players on the side of the ground or at the back of a net session.
SwingReader or Excelade
Initially designed for golf analysis yet offers excellent feedback for all sports. Does everything that Cricket Coach Plus HD does yet incorporates a means of high
Igniting stills of the footage and applying text which can then be emailed to the player along with the video footage. I have received encouraging feedback on the reports that were sent through to the players that I worked with last week using the applications.
The best two software packages that I have worked with on my laptop are Quintic and SiliconCoach which offer an incredible number of analysis and report options. These systems are ideal for coaches who use video analysis on a regular basis and have a bigger budget as the laptop and high quality video camera will also need to be purchased to complete the system.
Compact Camera: Casio Exilim EX-FC100
This camera is absolutely brilliant, can record HD quality video at 1000 frames per second, fits in your pocket and has a screen big enough for feedback to to players. It is relatively inexpensive for the features that it possesses and is a permanent member of my coaching back.
Digital Camcorders: Sony DCR-SR15E
Excellent features, cracking zoom for taking video from the boundary edge and works excellently with the Quintic and SiliconCoach software packages that are listed in this article. 
Integrated System: PitchVision
As well as getting instant video feedback and frame by frame, the vision is supported by fantastic animations of ball trajectories, pitch maps, bee-hives, graphs, tables and rankings. All that a coach would ever need to develop the next Kevin Pietersen, Sachin Tendulkar or Shane Warne.
Feedback is everything and PitchVision provides the ultimate in feedback for cricketers and coaches.
So there are my recommendations which hopefully provide all coaches, irrespective of the size of your pocket, some video analysis options to help your continual development as a coach. 

Let me know of any other video analysis applications or products that you use within your coaching. 

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As a performance analyst I have both Quintic and SiliconCoach on my system. SiliconCoach is becoming more common with respect to cricket as Lite can be used free of charge and I really recommend readers try it if they have not used VA previously; it is an excellent introduction.

I use the camera on my mobile phone for capture these days... it has a Carl Zeiss [12MP] and I find it more than suitable. It means the use of VA can be more spontaneous, although it has made my various high spec cameras redundant! Laughing out loud

I don't use Dartfish but know many who do and who recommend it.

VA is an absolutely essential tool for coaches these days. If you have not tried it, now is the time to experiment.

Hi Mark
Absolutely right. Performance analysis thru Vid input is essential for all upcoming players now a days. various digicam/ Camcorder may be suitable for these sort of analysis. But there is some hic ups...

I apprehand that in cam corder section very few one has higher shutter speed option and High FPS (frame per second) option. hence slow motion trajectory analysis thru vid input as far as cam corder is concerned is absolutely minimal. Among DIGICAM section ofcourse Casio has high frame rate option but what about Shutter speed manual option??
many HD movies lost its high resolution once u convert thru interlacing or intrapolation option thru other software like SVP Manager.

I am still in search for a CAM CORDER which suites best for sports videography {Reasonable Pricing :)}. few Primary suggestions (researched in Internet)are : JVC GZ-HM1 , Sony HDR-CX12, Panasonic HDC-TM700 , Sony HDR-CX550V (with Golf shot features), AND among Digicamera: Casio ZR 200, ZR 100 .

as far as software is concerned I found Quintic (8.15) is much more robust & customer friendly. Skill capture 2.1 is also a good option.

Luv too listen from @MARK
which CAM CORDER is most suitable for slow motion Vid analysis with High FPS?


thats a very good demo….notice the head fowrard and nice extension of the arms at the point of impact…..well done…