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Camera, Action, Coach: How to Get the Most from Your Video Camera

It's never been easier to get video footage of players with cameras everywhere from phones to specialist equipment. But very few coaches understand the optimal angles of filming to get the best from video analysis.

I'm going to let you into the secrets of the way that we analyse the fast bowlers using a digital zoom camera.

You can then use the principles to adjust the distance from the point of release depending on the camera type that you are using at the time (phone, iPad or digitial camera).

Cricket Show 156 Competition Winner

This week’s winner of the Cricket Show podcast question competition is Varun. He wins a free coaching course from PitchVision Academy.

The winning question was:

"Sir can u pls give me some tips on improvising & scoring more runs of the good length balls? I'm not a very good runner between the wickets so i want to score more runs off them in order to maintain a good average. Also the skill level of the bowlers is also very good ."

Listen to the panel’s answer to his question here.

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20/20 Vision: School of Video Analysis for Coaches

I don't know about you, my eyes are good, but they can’t freeze frame, move images forward and back frame by frame or calculate angles.

So to support my coaching, irrespective of the standard of players, I use cameras and computer applications to support my players learning and development.

In the modern world there is no excuse for a coach to avoid the use of video cameras and visual feedback with players.

The technology is so easy to use and accessible. Yet incredibly powerful.

Here's why.