The podcast is back! Series 3 starting soon! | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

The podcast is back! Series 3 starting soon!

PitchVision Academy Cricket ShowSince we stopped doing the weekly PitchVision Academy podcast I’ve been constantly asked when it’s coming back.

The great news is that we are planning the new series right now and all the PitchVision audioheads can get their fix again very soon.

It’s a new format this time around but we will still have the core of cricket coaching advice from which the show became so popular. Plus a few more fun things that at the moment are top secret.

Get the show for free from iTunes or the feed.

Win free coaching

But to make this work we need your questions and feedback on a number of topics that we will be chatting about in the first show.

You can contact us in a number of ways:
Our contact email can be found here.

Use our twitter or facebook accounts.

Or you can call and leave a message (it’s an answer phone, not manned but we check it every day). If it’s a good story or question we will call you back for a chat.

  • UK  +44 (0) 208 816 7691
  • AUST: +61 (02) 8005 7925
  • USA: +1 347 722 1981

The best comment, story or question of the week wins free cricket coaching through PitchVision Academy.

So here are the new competitions for Series III of the Podcast:
  • Appeal of nations: Do you want to represent your country? Call us and leave your best 'Howzat!' appeal, your name and country you want to represent. Points awarded for volume,  length, exotic vocal timbre, agreession or desperation.
  • Most committed player: One person in PitchVision towers plays cricket with a man who travels 100 miles for his home games! Can you beat that? Who is the most committed player?
  • Everything changes: If you were in charge of your games, what would you change? Would you go Twenty20 or play 3 day matches? Fielding circle? Limited over? Every team must have a leg spinner? The choice is yours.
  • Epic Tea: They say that Lord’s do the best lunches and teas in cricket. You know different because the teas somewhere you play are heart stopping (in both excitement and fat levels). Let us know where you insist on bowling first, even in the searing heat, just to make sure you can fill your boots at the food break?
  • The show must go on: What’s the most disastrous start you have had to a game? Only got 6 players and one bat between them? Forgot your whites and had to play in blue tracksuit bottoms? What’s your story?
  • PitchVision Select XI: Do you want to be in the PitchVision team? We have 11 slots open for 5 batsmen, an all-rounder, a wicketkeeper and 4 bowlers. Phone or email and tell us why you should be selected. Being good isn’t enough. You need to tell us why you are a good team player.
  • That was unexpected: I once played a game where it rained the whole match apart from the first 3 overs at the start and the first over after tea. We played, bowled them out for 98, were cruising to victory at 92-5 and got bowled out with the last man run out going to tie the scores. What’s your most unexpected defeat or victory?
  • Ask the coaches: Want to know how to fix your cricketing problems? We can answer batting and bowling questions as well as give tips on the mental and fitness sides of the game.

Remember you can get in touch via answer phone, email, twitter or facebook. Your feedback will be used on the first show, so get it in fast and we can get recording!

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YES! the PodCast is back!! Bring it on!

I just called the line for the appeal: true blue Australian appeal: Howzeeeeeeeeeee!!

About time Smiling David, will you still be doing question of the week?