The Complete Guide to Batting

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If you want to learn how to bat, here is the place to start.

Batting is a difficult cricket skill made more difficult by the pressure of having one chance before your innings is over. It's important to get it right because your mistakes are so punished. That's why you need to know how to bat technically, tactically and mentally if you want to be a good batsman.

Batsman come in all different varieties and develop their own techniques and methods to compile their own individual textbook based on flair, technique, tactics and ability under pressure. This complete guide outlines the skills needed to develop and progress all aspects of your batting.

Below are articles that you can implement before, during and after the game to improve your cricket.





Prepare, Practise, Analyse


Reading the Game


Shot Selection

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Outstanding !!! I was waiting for this over 2 years. I am very thankful to you my Dear David. I will definitely work on it, it is special for me as a learning Batsman who developing the technique.

I absolutely love that you include the mental game in here. Temperament is so important in cricket!!

Dear David .

i have 13yr old son, he started playing cricket 3 yrs back this is his 4 th year in progress.
recently he has started to play against the bowling machine . he is purely a front foot player with nice check drives at speed around 70miles, around 75 miles he is not able to drive but defend ball in front foot.
his problem is back foot strokes to be specific cut and pull as he is able to play defense and flick from the hip to the short ball
even if the ball is slow and short he is not able to play the pull or cut, there is big difference to his front foot and back foot play

i have 3 questions to you.

1) what is the problem do you attribute to
2) how can this be rectified
3) is he lacking hand eye coordination

i will be highly grateful if you can help me on this.

I want to know how to choose a correct guard.

Can you do a bowling one please?

How to play yorker ball perfectly?


I Am Left Hand Bastman My Is Rahul Yadav

Sir Send Your Academy Aders To My EMail Ya

Aap Muje Call Kar Sakte Hi My Mobil Number

9711773273 Ya 8506031569 Sir Please Call

Me Please Sir

I need to know the details abt cricket selections in Chennai

great summary

thanks bro

I want to be a successful cricketer, my ambition is be a cricketer, I want perfect practicing I want to improve my batting and bowling skills but I want a perfect coach. I want to be a cricketer.

dear sir,
i am left hand batsman and wicket skipper please try me one chance

Sir please give me a chance to prove my self i m opner batman n a fast bowler please sir my dream is play for india

I'm a wicketkeeper. Aged 15.Right handed batsman .I can play fast bowling very well technically correct.And do the hitting well even helicopter shot.

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