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Ask the Readers: Help Jack Improve his Bowling Action

Can you help a young spin bowler to improve?

Recently we were contacted by Jack who said:

"This season I've returned to leg spin. Occasionally I get criticised by our captain as I'm not "finishing off my action". I know that when I do, I get drift and dip, and take wickets. Could you have a quick look at my action in the attached video and see if you have any thoughts?"

This question was interesting to me because Jack didn't point out any problems he is having. Only a vague awareness that something might be wrong.

So I thought this would be an excellent challenge for the PitchVision community to discuss.

What can Jack do to improve his action?

Ask the Readers: Who Influences Your Cricket?

Which coach has influenced you most? Leave a comment below to discuss the unsung heroes of cricket coaching.

Cricket is, above all, a game of technique and mental strength. It’s one that is ideal for coaches to flourish: providing direct advice to those with a burning hunger to perform.

Yet even with the awesome information power of the web, these influencers remain strangely isolated.

The men and women with the keys are rarely found outside the locked door of the professional game where they ply their trade.

Ask the Readers: Reveal How to Improve Your Fielding and Win a Prize!

 We all have to field, and being a good fielder brings the advantage of getting ahead of others: Selectors tend to pick the better fielder in close match ups.

If you are passionate about cricket, you are passionate about being the best fielder you can be, so how do you do it?

And that is my Ask the Readers question for this week: How do you improve your fielding?

Get your Preseason Training Questions in for the Cricket Show and Win a Prize

As you know, the Cricket Show is on a Christmas and New Year break, but that doesn’t mean the team are resting.

We are busy getting the new season ready for January 13th and we need your questions.

The first show back will have a couple of surprises – so subscribe for free to get it when it’s out – and will be themed around getting ahead at preseason training.

Which Type of Slower Ball Works Best for You?

At club cricket the slower ball is Marmite. 

People either love it or hate because there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Deciding when to use a slower ball is subjective and relative to the situation.

I see most people (and I myself am guilty of this too) bowl a slower ball after they have been hit for a boundary as a comeback ball.

Ask the Readers: Give Your Pace Bowling Coaching Advice

We get many coaching questions emailed to us here at PitchVision Academy. Today, in the spirit of rebuilding community, I want to ask for your advice for a fast bowler.

The question comes from long time reader and podcast listener Alek, and it’s all to do with the position of the back foot.

So, over to Alek for more explanation:


Ask the Readers: Set a Seam Bowler Field and Win a Prize

It’s been a while since I asked for your help in return for some online cricket coaching; but now the time has come again.

I need your help with setting a field for another new player in my team. Yes, this is a real life problem.

Like last time with our left-arm spinner, we have a new bowler.

So the question is:

What is the best field for a medium pace seam bowler in a club league match?

Ask the Readers: What Is Your Greatest Cricketing Moment?

We all suffer the downsides of cricket to experience the brilliant highs.

It doesn’t have to be a Test hundred at Lord’s or hitting the winning runs in a world cup final. Even at low levels of cricket you get a great sense of achievement and pride in your success.

So today I want to celebrate the success of all PitchVision Academy readers by asking:

Ask the Readers: Set a Slow Left Arm Field and Win a Prize

I have a problem. With your help I can solve it, so read on and leave a comment in the comments box with your field.

As a little incentive, the best field will win the prize of an online coaching course from our library at PitchVision Academy.

The question is simple:

What is the best field for a slow left arm bowler in a club league match?

Ask the readers: What are your indoor cricket tips?

Being an outdoor sport on a big field, cricket doesn’t lend itself well to being indoors. But there is a thriving indoor game, especially in the UK and Australia during the winter months.

It’s fast, furious and the ‘five-a-side football’ version of cricket.

I must admit I’ve never played a proper game, only ever netting indoors. The idea has never appealed much.