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A Coaching Session on Batting Decision Making

This session was designed with the "Pundit Inventory" experiment in mind. I undertook the experiment whilst watching England bat in the 3rd Test match vs West Indies at Lord's.

Use String Theory to Improve Your Batting

Nets can be improved with a few bits of string.


Head of Cricket Performance at PGS, Sam Lavery, talks us through how he stops batsmen thinking about shots, and starts them thinking about scoring runs.

And we get to see his new nets in this video

Coaches: Bring Out the Best in the Cricketers you Coach

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Everyone has traits that create a positive atmosphere and every person has corrosive traits that bring morale down.

Batting Decision Making: The Pundit Inventory

When listening to TVcommentary, how many times do you hear the pundits speaking about decision making?

The Role of the Modern Cricket Coach: Team Spirit

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Keep the team on their path.

A World Cup Winning Fielding Drill

It was a great honour and privilege to spend the day talking about fielding and batting with many of the World Cup winning England Women’s team.

Turn it Around with One of These Meeting Approaches

On Tuesday, the Windies completed one of the most unlikely and unpredicted victories in Test match history when they knocked off 322 in 91.5 overs for the loss of only 5 wickets. My ex-Hampshire skipper and now commentating megastar, Mark Nicolas wrote “Of all the unlikely things in West Indies cricketing history, this MUST rank up there”.

Improve "Weight Transfer" with This Simple Drill

What are the commentators on TV really talking about when they discuss a batsman "transferring his weight into the ball"?

How to Get Past the Horror of Watching Yourself Play Cricket

Video is everywhere now, but you're using it wrong.

Find Your Fielding Coaching Philosophy

I ran an ECB Level III Fielding module yesterday which is always great fun.