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3 simple tricks to instantly boost your fielding skills

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Fielding is guilt. Everyone wants to be better at it, but it always plays second place to your main skill so you end up feeling bad about not doing enough.

Well guilt no more, as you can use these three tricks to make an instant difference without endless hours of drills.

It's all in the way you think about fielding.

Cricket Show 45: Fielding and wicketkeeping

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In a subject close to David's heart, this week's show is about fielding and wicketkeeping. Ian Pont answers a fast bowling question and David tells us about his Championship winning match.

Questions this week include:

To Throw or Not to Throw? That Is the Question

Making a quick decision to throw can be the difference between a run out and a stolen single.

But it's never quite that simple is it?

Even if you are a dead-eye when throwing at the stumps, it's possible to give away overthrows and face the wrath of your "double teapot" captain and bowler.

Improve your Twenty20 tactics in 5 minutes

Improve your T20 Tactics PresentationIn my opinion, the formula for winning a T20 or 50 over game is the same for most cricket teams (i.e. everyone playing below the 1st Class level).

Why you drop more catches than you should (and what to do about it)

Does this sound familiar?

You have been practicing your catching like always before play. You stroll onto the field focused and confident that today you will catch everything that comes your way.

Attack vs. defence: How your ground fielding can make your captain proud

Effective ground fielding is a hallmark of the fine fielder. Knowing when to aggressively seek the run out and when to be more circumspect will get you the results your captain and team mates expect from you.

5 Unique tactics to boost your club Twenty20 performance

It seems strange to think that the more limited the format the more creative cricket has to become. Yet it can't be denied: The twenty over game has thrown up some of the most unique play since World Series Cricket.

7 Tips on being a good fielder

Club cricket fielding can often be poor. But on many occasions this is less to do with skill and technique and more to do with concentration and awareness. Two factors that any fielder can improve. Here is how to do it.