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"We have moved beyond the gobbledygook of sports psychology"

PitchVision Academy interviews South African Coach of the Year, Richard Pybus. His impressive CV includes coaching Pakistan, Border and the Titans franchise in South Africa. We chatted about cricket technology, developing players and brain-based coaching.

PV: What do you see as the coaches' job?

Cutting Edge: How the latest research can help you become a better cricketer

Rob Ahmun is the Strength and Conditioning Coach for Glamorgan CCC. Part of his job is to stay up to date with the latest research into cricket.

In this exclusive article Rob shows us what he has found, and explains how you can use the information as a coach or player.

Ask the Readers: Can technology improve coaching?

You may have noticed we have had a big focus this week on technology in cricket coaching. Now I want to know your opinions:

Can technology help cricketers become better?

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