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Video: Spin Bowling Coaching Session

Here's the next cricket coaching video filmed recently at Millfield School. This time it's all about the spinners.

What the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 Mean for Cricket

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There is no doubt that technology is an important part of cricket, even at grass-roots level. That means when Apple make a product announcement, players and coaches interested in getting an edge should listen to what they have to say.

Yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch.

Look at the track record of technology in cricket, and Apple in particular, and you can see it's ever growing influence. Coaches and scorers have iPads, players use iPhones and other smart phones as the most portable of computers. Add to this innovations like bowling machines and PitchVision and you see that technology is already a huge part of cricket.

So, the important question is; do these new devices signal a change in the landscape, and if so how can you tap into their power?

Stay Focused During Boring Nets with a Competitive Edge

I was chatting to Matt Dawson - Head Coach at Cricket Asylum - about the problem of young net bowlers "messing about".

I'm sure you recognise this: The session starts well but as attention span wanes, young bowlers tend to start entertaining themselves. The try to distract each other, run in while finishing a conversation or decide to "bowl leg spin" all of a sudden (and it goes into the side netting).

Of course, fun is a key aspect of training - especially in teenage players - but training time is limited and for most the goal is also to get better at cricket.

So how do you deal with it?

Matt's answer was insanely simple.

What's in Your Kitbag to Improve Your Cricket?

Coach Sam Lavery talks us through his perfect cricket coaching kitbag, and what's most essential when space is at a premium.

Imagine taking a current kit bag back 20 years.

Not only would some pieces of kit be questioned, but others would be completely unrecognisable. So what are the options that coaches carry in their modern day kit bags, and what do they have tucked away in the store cupboard back at HQ?

I’ve spoken to 10 coaches ranging from a few at First Class and International level, through to school and club coaches. Here's what they said.

"You'll be a Lesser Coach if You Don't Have Technology", Toby Radford Reveals

There's no doubt that technology is transforming the way we prepare as cricketers. Analysis tools have never been easier or cheaper so even club players can get in on the game.

When I interviewed Glamorgan Coach Toby Radford, I asked him about how he uses technology to help him coach, and his answer was emphatic:

Android and iOS Pick: BATEX Batting App

Cricket is getting smarter than ever.

Smart-phones are tiny computers in your pocket. Tablets are full powered computers in your bag. Smart-nets are popping up everywhere.

7 Cricket Uses for the iPad Air

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When Apple announce a new version of it's iconic tablet, the world goes crazy and millions are sold. This week the new super light and thin iPad Air hit the streets and it's a heck of a beautiful machine.

But as a cricketer or coach, is the new iPad Air useful or just an expensive fashion item that is a sexy way to watch Netflix in bed?

Here are 7 useful things you can do with an iPad that will help you reach your goals.

The Reason Cricketers Need the New iPhone 5

Face it, your head has been turned by the new iPhone 5. It's the new hotness. It's sexy. It's GOLD.

Most of all, it's a game changing device.

Whatever you do as a cricketer, or coach, having a tiny but powerful computer right in your pocket opens up a world of opportunity. And with the new iPhone about to hit the shops, is the perfect time to buy.

So why exactly should you buy an iPhone 5 if you want to play better cricket?

Spinners: Technology will Save your Life

I was talking to the senior player in my team the other night about the decline of spin quality in the last 30 years.

There was no doubt in his mind that there are far fewer spinners of far lower quality than when he started playing. It's a sad story because spinners are match winners, especially in draw cricket.

I told him that we are on the edge of a resurgence in spin because of the rise of technology.

Why Nets are Like the iPhone

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Think about the phone you owned 7 years ago. I'm willing to bet that it didn't do much more than be a phone.

Then the iPhone arrived.

Since then, think about how much mobile phones have progressed. They are now small computers that many people rely on to run their lives. I know I do. It's evolved fast.