The complete guide to cricket field settings | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

The complete guide to cricket field settings

Recently I found out there is no online repository for field settings in different situations.

That is until now.

Under the influence of Richard, the CEO of the company behind PitchVision, I have decided to collate together every field setting for any match situation. It's going to take a while.

Lucky for me I have the excellent PitchVision – Coach Edition on my PC. It allows me to set any field then pass the results onto you, which I will do over the coming weeks.

A note about the field settings. Each setting is defined by:

  • The type of bowler
  • The ball
  • The wicket
  • The format of the game (long, limited over, Twenty20)

A note about "long format". This is a bit vague as it applies to a number of formats including: 2, 3, 4 day and Test cricket. It also includes one day declaration cricket (as played by most English clubs).

If needed the field will also explain the match situation. Unless the field tells you otherwise, each field assumes bowlers are mostly bowling a good length on off stump.

Each field also has an 'Attack Rating' out of 100. 0 is the most defensive, 100 is the most attacking. This allows you to compare the relative attacking or defensive nature of different types of bowlers.

Part 1: Field Setting Theory
  1. The basics of setting the field
  2. Adapting the field in the middle
  3. Basic tactics for setting the field for spinners
Part 2: The fields

Appendix A: Fields from previous articles

  1. Right arm off spin, old ball, turning wicket, long format
  2. Orthodox left arm spin, old ball, turning wicket, long format
  3. Left arm spin, old ball, any wicket, any format, defensive leg stump line
  4. Right arm leg spin, old ball, any wicket, long format
More fields coming soon.

If you know of a field setting that is missing you can suggest it here. Chances are I will use it because I am trying to gather as many as possible, no matter how strange!

You can come back to this page to get the updates as I post them, or you can subscribe here and get all update delivered daily or weekly.


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