Cricket Show 28: Batting coaching at Ealing CC | Cricket coaching, fitness and tips

Cricket Show 28: Batting coaching at Ealing CC

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We travel to London this week to catch up with case study subject Naz while watching Ealing CC play a friendly match.

Before we started recording Naz did a quick session on the bowling machine with David giving some coaching tips. The drills we performed can all be found in great detail (with their progressions) Gary Palmer's front foot and back foot drive course on PitchVision Academy.

Playing straight game

We started with a tactical game in the net where Naz was instructed to drive half volley length balls between 2 cones set in the rough position of the classical V. If he drove outside the cones he was 'out' forcing him to think about playing straight.

Hitting zone drill

One of Naz's ongoing minor technical issues is the downswing of his bat. A lot of this was caused with his setup which he has corrected but he was still having a smaller hitting zone. We tried to correct this with both front and back foot drives by setting up the bowling machine at a consistent length (half volley or short and drive length) and forcing him to hit through the line of the ball rather than slightly across it. The way we did this was by putting down cones and making him call the colour of the cone he was hitting the ball to. We then made sure the toe of the bat was pointing to the correct cone.

Back foot movement drill

The final drill we did was to encourage Naz to make a much larger movement back and across when playing back foot shots as he tends to stay 'stuck' on the crease. We did this simply by putting Naz into position then bowling back foot drive balls to him. The aim was to groove the muscle memory of making a larger movement.


Once we had finished the session we sat down on the boundary edge to talk about a wide range of topics including:

  • Overall impressions of the benefits of getting online cricket coaching.
  • The importance of accountability and charting progress.
  • The challenges of balancing work and improving cricket (and how to get out of a rut).
  • In season fitness and nutrition thoughts.
  • Balancing desire to succeed with relaxed confidence.

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