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Here’s a quick way to combine nets with fitness

Time to train is always a problem for club players. So why not combine your usual net time with time to improve your fitness?

Twice the results in half the time.

Hopefully you are already incorporating drills to improve your fielding skill and fitness. But you can go a step further by putting some conditioning work into net practice.

Bowler Combination Net

Agree beforehand with the other bowlers that you will take turns to bowl a full over each rather than one at a time. After your over, jog away from the net to do some speed work for a few minutes.

This can take the form of SAQ drills, fielding practice or simple interval runs. Make sure you have at least 2 minutes active rest (walking around) after this burst before you bowl your next over. Reapeat as many times as you can.

Batsmen Combination Net

Once you warmed up and padded up and ready to go in next, do a few interval sprints over 22 yards. It's best to focus more on running technique at this point so as not to exhaust yourself too much.

When your bat has finished, do some more intense interval sprints. Keep them as close to 'real life' as possible. So for example, run a quick single, take 30-60 seconds rest and then run a three with 30 seconds rest and so on. Every 6 sprints take a longer 2 minute rest to represent the end of the over. You are looking to do 8-12 'overs' of interval work after your bat.

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