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How to Become a Professional Cricket Coach: Formal and Informal Pathways

This is a follow up to last week's question from Paul Wood asking how he can progress as a coach. I recommend you read last week's article first.

Last week we looked at the formal pathway through to "performance" level (rather than helping beginners). This week we are going to go one step further and look at both elite coach education, and informal options that are available to all coaches, irrespective of qualification or coaching environment.


Master Coach

The ECB coaching pathway has an elite arm. This comes in the form of the UKCC Level 4 or Master Coach qualification. Most County, State and International coaching roles require a minimum of UKCC Level 4 (or equivalent from other countries) to be considered as a viable candidate.

This course has a very robust course roadmap. Initially, you have to present to a panel of 3 about your coaching practice and philosophy. Then there are questions on the presentation and set questions that all potential candidates are asked. The panel moderates and reduces the initial numbers in the group from 34 to 16-18.

This 16-18 make up that year’s Level 4 cohort.

The cohort travels through 10 modules ranging cricket skills modules through to advanced communication, psychology and performance analysis with and a series of supporting assignments over a 2 year period. At the end of this period, the candidate submits a final portfolio and is assessed and quizzed by panel of experts before being awarded their UKCC Level 4 and Post Graduate Diploma.

This is a potential option for Paul if he wishes to be considered for roles with professional and emerging professional cricketers. It's a tough path but worth the experience.

Formal vs. informal pathways

You benefit from the formal ways of developing yourself as a coach and I am sure that you have qualification to your name already. Yet, how can you develop without going on a course?

This is where the informal pathway comes in. And you are already on it!

By reading this article and the great content that is on PitchVision Academy you are already committing to your own Continual Personal Development (CPD) as a coach.

PitchVision Academy offers great resources in the form of online courses from greats:

As well as a host of lesser known but equally skilled coaches. Get on board by purchasing some of these resources to continue your learning online.

Plus you can always listen for nothing to the online coaching radio show - the PitchVision Academy Cricket Show - send in a question to improve your knowledge and get the chance to win a free course.

So whatever your ambition, there is every chance to develop as a coach and take one step closer to making it your full-time career.

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Hi.I am a pharmacist.I have played cricket at university level then i left cricket becoz of my job,but i really miss cricket .with the passage of time i am realizing that i could be a better player if i had worked with i want to become a can i enrol in these coaching courses for becoming a u charge any fee?